View Full Version : Anyone recommend a prescribing dr in Columbia, SC?

Miss Steph
09-27-13, 01:25 PM
I'm getting frustrated....

Started out 35mg Vyvanse...told my doctor it was wearing off around 3 -3:30. She increased dosage. It was stronger in the morning, but wearing off same time. She increased dosage. Same problem - this time TOO strong in the morning. I had a 4 hour window between the too much med and the crash where the med was effective. I was on 60 mg vyvanse. She switched me to 10 mg Adderall xr with a 5 mg booster (b/c I'm in grad school at night). This did NOTHING at all for me. I called doctor and she said only thing she could do for me is to make an appt to switch to Concerta.

I would really like to have a doctor that knows about adhd meds and how they work who can help me get to the right dosage. I was metabolizing the vyvanse too quickly. I would like to try a higher dosage of the adderall xr and booster to see if that works.

If anyone can recommend a knowledgeable prescribing doc in my area that would be great.