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10-01-13, 10:08 AM
DS asked this morning if I had been going to work. I evaded the answer and asked how he would feel about that. He said he thought I had been going and he would be ok with that. I told him I did really need to work because of the impact on my coworkers and I need to get paid.

When I dropped him off, he said, you can go. I asked, I can go? He said, yeah......I think so. Hated that little hedge there. Of course he realizes I've been going at least for a while and he's done great. I did stay in the parking lot until he got his stuff out of his locker and came back to his building. He seemed fine talking with a classmate but he DID know the car was still there.

Trying to decide whether to go at lunch or not. I'm still terrified to screw him up when he's doing so well!!

10-01-13, 10:19 PM
What amazing progress. Congratulations !!!

10-01-13, 10:23 PM
Good mommy!

10-02-13, 02:15 AM
When he's doing well, do your best (as you have been - great job!) to "not rock the boat".

But also, analyze in your own mind what is different about things right now, what it might be that's letting him do better. So that in the future you will know "When things were working, there was this and this and this".

10-02-13, 10:17 AM
Jen, did you tell him that you would be there at lunch time?
I would let him call the shots at this point, since it seems like he's ready to step out on his won...

10-04-13, 08:50 AM
Well, that didn't go well at all! I'll update in a separate post.