View Full Version : Moved to WA State, need physician to continue prescribing medication

10-03-13, 08:01 PM
I just moved to Everett, WA, from Ohio, and I need to find a new doctor ASAP. I've been diagnosed with adult ADHD and on Adderall for 8 years, so I just need a physician who is comfortable working with ADHD patients and can take someone who has no insurance and will be paying for office visits with cash. My previous doctor is on the east coast and didn't have any referrals for Washington state; can anyone here give me names of physicians who might treat me? Someone within 30 miles would be nice, although if I must go to Seattle I certainly will. Thanks for any suggestions anyone can offer.

10-03-13, 08:30 PM
Try the Everett clinic. or maybe one of the ten minute clinics. Visits are 20-35 bucks as to if they will prescribe schedule 2s I'm not sure. Asking can't hurt. I'd Google cash physicians near everett.