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03-03-05, 03:47 PM
These behavior modification charts can be downloaded and printed out for free. They're suitable for ages 4-10

03-03-05, 04:28 PM
We're at a loss any for the older group...say 33? lol No just kidding I mean they would most likely be put to use but I honestly do mean more Koda's age group (pre-teen, teen) I just don't know what to do with that child other then duct taping him to a chair but he'd probably like the whole Magnam PI of the entire situation lol if I survive this time of his life with my sanity intact I shall get a special place in the after life with nice soft padded walls. *smiles happily to self*

03-08-05, 11:07 AM
is there a way BM can be modified for adults?

03-08-05, 05:46 PM
I'm sure you can with a lot of thought. I've edited a lot of my kids' charts to suit my needs.

Just take the basic outline and edit it to your preference. I find microworks to help a lot.

03-08-05, 11:02 PM
behavior modification is for everyone :)
The thing to remember is positive reinforcement for good behavior.

03-08-05, 11:06 PM
oops! i suppose ADDitives meant the chart . . . . . i need to modify my inattentiveness.

03-13-05, 12:08 AM
oh i'm going to try the teen/adult one this week and see how it goes.

i just have to figure out a reward for myself... any suggestions of what sort of thing that should be...?

i'll also have to carefully consider what my 6 important goals for this week are on by BM chart.

03-13-05, 12:23 AM
here are my 6 imporatant points on my BM chart. I decided these points, since this semester is an 'intensive' semester, and i only have 3 weeks left, and a million ga-zillion assignments (well it SEEMS that way), then exams at the end too, and im way way behind on readings.

MY 6 points are:
- 2 or more full readings (i'm behind! have to read stuff for exams!)
- 10 pgs. maths reading and notes (half of maths exam based on text readings!)
- 2 or more lecture and tute reviews (where i read over notes and summarize them for easier study!)
- got up / got the bus on time (both so that it applies to weekends too. i try to get 12 hours sleep on weekends though - i NEEEED it!)
- worked on ITTS Formal Assignment (cause its due on 21 march!)
- worked on other/s for a 1 hr total per day (eg maths presentation, IT presentation, IT portfolio, english presentation)

i also put a bit on the side for 'extra points'
one of the things i added to this was

- re-read lec. notes already summarised (i.e. revision/study so i remember stuff, and it sinks in in plenty of time before exams)
--> i gave one box on the side for this
- didn't waste too much time due to hyperfocus
--> i gave four bonus point boxes on the side for this
- spent time playing/ relaxing/ reading
--> i gave four bonus point boxes on the side for this

each box is worth 1 point each.
the main boxes can earn a possible 42 points in total, and the bonus points boxes can earn 1/2 a point each, but if they are all filled in, they earn an extra 10 bonus points altogether.

so there's a total of 52 possible points.

I think maybe i'll make it... if i get 40 points i get ____ and if i get 45 points i get ____ (something extra / better)

i still dont know what my reward is. i might discuss it with james tomorrow (add boyriend) and tell him that i'm doing this (i'm sure he will find it relevant..) and ask him what he thinks a good reward will be.

then again i'm thinking... do i really NEED a TANGIBLE reward? or maybe is just that i've done it good enough?

perhaps i should stick to tangible stuff in this first week of it. perhaps something like CHOCOLATE? because i'm trying a no-silly-foods during the week sort of thing, to see how it affects me also. (seems good to help hyperactivity and social annoyingness so far!).

03-13-05, 12:52 AM
the behaviour i seem to be trying to change is procrastiation/ hyperfocus/ organization.

and since monday begins tomorrow, i made a single 'chart' for today. it's a list of things written, like i often do, but this one has a box for each thing, which are equal to one point.

- complete part B3 of assignment to acceptable standard []
- complete part b4 " " []
- proofread all fo part A []
- proofread all of part B []
- print all pieces and coversheet (must be dont, but doesnt count towards 'points')
- check all of it's there []
- scan and print rubrics (or find on server) and attach []

6 points today = 1 hour of music/ reading/ play/ drawing

i thought that was a good way to get my assignment done today (due tomorrow afternoon).

i know those things are achievable, because its 12.50 midday, so i have about... 3 hours to do it before i have to get ready for our guests to arrive (theyre coming at 5.30)

i thought the reward could be going in the spa, but mum said i cant go in the spa cause its not clean (we left if for about 6 weeks with it's cover on.. it smells and has gone an icky colour!)
not that i actually mentioned the BM chart to my mum at all.

so again, the behaviour im trying to change today is
- procrastination
- hyperfocus
- confusion about the tasks to do

the BM sheet for today also is good becuase i know exactly what i need to do to finish the assignment!


is anyone else using BM for themselves/ their kids? what specifically are you doing? what has worked and not worked?

Futs, you said you've modified charts fo ryouself. what did you do? (if you dont mind sharing at all...)

i'm feeling a little lonely today. lol.

03-13-05, 11:14 AM
Well from some of your posts I understand that you enjoy going to the stationary store. How about waiting until you've had two weeks of successful behavioural modification? I LOVE the library...odd for an ADD'er I know but just LOVE it but only allow myself to go inside every two weeks as long as I stick to my goals. I slip a little once in awhile but always make sure there is a little catch up time at the end of the day just in case...I may be ADHD but I am also human.

03-14-05, 03:02 AM
hey that's a great idea! something like a new book from the library or going to the stationery store!

maybe if i get 40 points i can go to the library in seach of a book on ADD (i want to read something like "so im not lazy stupid or crazy", that "marching to a different beat" one, the "add friendly ways to organize yourlife", and/or that one thats somethign about feeling confused or disorganised... i dont remenebr the name)
and if i get 45 points, i can go look in the stationery store (the one where they DO NOT make me buy things!) and look at paper and paperclips and stuff, and i can buy the 'star' stamp :)

2 weeks could be a good idea.. sot hat maybe i have to pick up 80 - 100 points to get the prize? :)

thanks futs.

yeah, i was going to talk about this with james. what good rewards might be.
but i ust didnt get around to it. i couldnt find the right moment, and i thought maybe it was something that he doesnt need to know about quite yet?

i think i should really write some outcomes for my behaviour modification.

oh futs, i just had a brilliant idea for another subforum / folder in the teen forums! i'll pm you!!

03-14-05, 02:43 PM
ADDitives - are you still going to do smaller rewards? because 2 weeks is a long time to wait for a reward. Smaller rewards in between will help keep the wait for a big reward seem not so long. It will (hopefully) make you more successful.

03-15-05, 01:21 AM
yeah.. i was thinking perhaps i should have small rewards such as extra activities, and then a larger reward at the end. maybe after 3 weeks of BM i could have a cd (the 3 weeks also fits into this because there's 3 weeks left of the semester before exams).

03-15-05, 01:23 AM
or i could make it over 2 weeks.. wha ti wrote thismorning was "80 points over 2 weeks = a cd".
i COULD do it in 2 week pieces..... and i have 6 weeks before prac. but then it can't be a cd, because i cant afford to keep buying a cd every 2 weeks, or i'll have no money left! so if i make it for the first 3 weeks, i get a cd after it... then i could make it another 3 weeks, i get a cd.
then after thati will have to change it cause i wont be working much, if at all (hopefully SOME!), and if i buy a cd i cant do anything else... haha.

03-15-05, 09:13 PM
good luck, ADDitives! You can do it!

03-16-05, 06:05 AM
its hard to do.... over monday and tuesday i only got 6 points out of a possible 12.5 points.

today i slept in for half an hour, waking up every 5 mins and snoozing my alarm, cause i just couldnt be f'd to get up! (too tired, didnt sleep well last night)

i've made the point system flexible though, so that for some things i could allocate 1/2 point i i did about 1/2 worth for it (rather than getting nothing for it)/

i also thought today... wow... sometimes its really hard. do i get something for having a hard time?

well... i think no, you don't get a reward just for having a hard time. you can get time to do stuff etc, but its not a reward. like... today i came home completely physcially and mentally exhaused, to i went to bed for 40 mins. thats' something i NEEDED, not a reward.

anyway... i uhh.... something something something. confused. need to get stuff done now. :)

03-16-05, 10:13 PM
behavior modifying yourself is very hard to do. I work with children everyday and modify their behavior. . . way easier than doing my own :)

i'm in the process of modifying my own behavior to walk more. Now, I'm at the point that I remind myself that I really like how I feel once have walked. That so far is working better for me than material things.

sounds like you're on the right track. Remember - once you screw up, don't give up. It's not the end of the world. Just get back on track.

03-17-05, 12:16 PM
behavior modifying yourself is very hard to do. I work with children everyday and modify their behavior. . . way easier than doing my own :)

i'm in the process of modifying my own behavior to walk more. Now, I'm at the point that I remind myself that I really like how I feel once have walked. That so far is working better for me than material things.

sounds like you're on the right track. Remember - once you screw up, don't give up. It's not the end of the world. Just get back on track.

I know that a lot of members are probably going to overabuse my pm box after this post and thats all right. But, I was not or did not show as many tendancies to be OCD until I started BM programs. The constant denial of things I loved when I didn't get tasks or behaviours under control left me depressed and almost manic about the program. What I've learned is to be sure and take into account that "life often gets in the way" if I didn't get a task done was it justified ie were the kids sick, an emergency task that was more important pop up, did that person I lost my temper with actually deserve it? We also now add some of our positives to our BM charts just so we don't forget what makes us special. It's hard to explain but will try and figure out how to upload my own BM program and I think you'll get the concept of what I'm saying....its not all about negatives.

03-18-05, 07:18 AM
yeah ive been focusing a lot on negatives and getting down on it. yesterday i only got ONE POINT for the entire day, out of a possible 7.5 points for the day. im not getting many points.

however, i'm putting how ive felt about different stuff int he day - self evaluation.
on the back of the sheet ive got a box for each day, and columns of HYPERFOCUS, PROCRASTINATION, ORGANISZATION and another thing.
i have 4 possible faces
=( sad =S worried =| ok =) happy and =D really happy about it
ok i think thats 5...

yeah... im just trying lots of things.

the other thing is.. its no drama if some of the stuff isnt done. the most important thing righ tnow is the 2 assignmetn for next week, and also MYSELF - i'm important. james is also importnat. too often ive been saying "no i dont have time" . well last night and today i made time.

03-19-05, 11:22 AM
Its hard to make time for those you love but they are the real reason your working on always have time for love don't forget that.

03-19-05, 04:22 PM
I agree, Nuking_Futs, with your previous post, about negatives.

For too long, I too have been focusing on the negatives. I would get so down on myself if I didn't accomplish what I am/was working on.

But doing so only makes things worse for me. So, everyday, I make time to do things I love. If I screw up, I say I have tomorrow to fix it. Because I am now being more positive to myself, I don't screw up as much.

It's made my life much happier :)

03-19-05, 10:50 PM
Hey ADDitives, good luck w/ your endevor.
When I decided to go back to school after hs, it took me 6 yrs to get there, hey I need a break :) I took a class that helped with studing & taking notes ( an add-ers dream coarse) the class text was called.... hold on let me find it ....BECOMING A MASTER STUDENT by: ELLIS. I still have it ( can you say pack rat?) because it really did help. I know you have your plate full with all of the other reading you have but if it helps...? I can't remember what the calss was that I used this book in.. something about college sucess, it counted as a pyscology credit though.

03-20-05, 08:05 AM
well every day i seem to be beating my previos day's record by 1/2 a point. im definately going better now that at the beginnign of the week.

tonight i need to write my bm plan for next week..

i decided that if o get 80 points over 2 weeks, i can have a new cd.

i also thought for next week, if i buy a pack of freddo frogs or some other chocolate, and i can say: if i get over 5 points (example) on any day, then at the end of the day i can hve a chocolate. i thought thats a good short tangible term reward. feeling good about accomplishing the points is good too.

i have the same focus behaviours for next week, and more added to it.

i also have the space every day where i draw a face to show how i felt that day about:
somethign else

and for next week (starting tomrrow) i'm going to add 'confusion' to that list.

ok i really cant spend much timr posting, i dont want to be up until midnigt fnishing this assignment.

i'm..... half done of the real copy of writing it. its 8.05 pm.

im feeling...... sort of ok about it. more ok than i was half an hour ago!

03-20-05, 08:14 AM
im printing off a new chart now to fill in later for this week.

i found that there are other weekly charts which are better looking, designed for kids. theyre more colourful.

the downfall is that they dont have a separate column for saturday and sunday, there's just a 'weekend' column. i guess i could make my own version of it,. but right now i dont have time to.

03-21-05, 11:40 AM
Aside from being physically and mentally abusive to another person we give our kids time off on weekends to just be and not force focus issues on them if that makes any sense. BM's can become all consuming and hurtful things if you don't give yourself just one day off. I personally as an adult take Monday's off cause I HATE

03-28-05, 05:30 AM
hmm... i'm running my bm program a little differntly at the moment. ive got overarching aims, some lesser but more specific aims, and a whole lot of tasks to show how these things are being developed. these "indicators" are also things on the "gotta do" list.
but its more of a wholistic approach since i have my daily evaluations. and i also have bonus points for stuff like "1 point if i finish something" (it can be anything, as long as its DONE!) and giving an extra point each for diong the wahsing, ironing and putting away (its hard to do ironing and harder to do putting away, so i give those all one point each).

this long weekend has confused me - today is monday and i was still about to go write up my points for today on LAST WEEK's CHART! then ir ealised i need to print off a new chart and write new behaviours in it.

so i'll do that now. i seem to have done ok this week... and MAYBE better than last week, but i haven added up points yet.
but i do FEEL that ive done better than last week. and i finished 3 assignments over the weekend, im about to finish another now then do some reading.

i had a day of yesterday - all i did was the washign and hanging out and bringing it in.. oh wait and i did half the putting away too (stuff that is non-iron). but i didnt do any academic work. and i spent the afternoon with james.

so i guess you could call that a day off.

anyway, im off to print off another chart.

i'll still stick to the dual weekend days chart for this week... and this week is the 3rd week going in the total to get a prize (cd). i think i made it somethign like 120 points over 2 weeks... i made it a sort of number that IS achieveable, and 'rigged' it in a way with lots of bonus points for worthwhile things (such as 'finishing' things and 'finishign' things by certain dates etc and getting to bed at a reasonable time). and it also is structured so that i had to IMPROVE somewhat over the 3 weeks... since thats the whole point really.

its a really complex structure actually... but if anyone wants to see what im doing , you can PM me and include your EMAIL ADDRESS and i will scan both sides of both past charts, and email them back to you as attachments so you can see whats going on here (because its hard to explain).

i realy enjoy doing my evaluations before i go to bed though. again, thats the stuff where i put a face for how i felt about something such as
energy levels (something i included last week).
and last week i started to colour code thigns - which gives a good 'overall glance' at whats going on - eg. for the =) and =D faces i coloured in yellow, sad faces were blue, OK faces werre green i think, and worried faces were orange.
thats MUCH easier to decipher than a whole lot of black and blue lines over a page.

anyway... print now (procrastination and rambling in action!)

04-10-05, 08:25 AM
my BM plans have gone.. well.. theyve thithered away into a worthless scheme of recording things - the data, i can do nothing with.

while the stuff on the back of the sheet was giving perspective, its very subjective to how i felt at the time i did the evaulations, and also some days i forget.

this week it wasng about gaining points - which sort of took away from the whole integrity of the BM program.

i decided th epoints system was unrealistic anwyay - i had overestimated the amount of points i was able to achieve. i felt i was cheating when i kept lowering the points. so i decided no points.

my reward is i cna have a cd/ dvd this weekend (not today, but the one i n a weeks time) if i was well prepared for the exams, and felt like i did ok in each of the (3) exams.

so thats ok..

andi wrote up some activities for this week.

i realised what the real problem now with the bm is - because even though i had the point system all wron, it was still working. i was getting stuff done, i was a little organized,i felt a lot btter about what i COULD DO.

but now that i dont have any classes or assignments.. there is little structure to go by.

this week i just hav exams, and the week after, i just have a break to prepare for prac.

i might be able to start the BM again when i start prac (in 2 weeks' time), but i dont know what that will be.

it might be activities like
- got up in the morning
- got there on time
- a social outcome
- a professional/ relational outcome
- an afternoon homework outcome
- an outcome relating to my professional journal

those are 6 there. my goals would obviosuly be differnet from the ones now.

i will use the coloured charts, ause i dont need both weekend days.

i'll see how work turns out, i told them i an onlywork saturdays. hopefully i will get a shift every week, or AT LEAST every 2nd week. im hoping.

and sundays will be left spare for james.

im thinking.. if he's still doing swimming friday nights, i'll see if i can go along with him. i'd like that - need to see him more than just x1 a week, need to do more physical activity, need to do SOMETHING! and i like the swimming.

06-08-05, 08:03 AM
These are great! Thank you so much for this!

11-17-05, 12:19 PM
Any charts for adults? ;)


12-04-05, 07:16 PM
These behavior modification charts can be downloaded and printed out for free. They're suitable for ages 4-10
Thanks for the link. I've forwarded it to my son's school support worker. She may be able to use it as well.


12-04-05, 11:51 PM
There's a great set of "how to" examples in : The Parents Guide to Attention Deficit DIsorder by Stephen McCarney & Angela Marie Bauer (Hawthorne Press)

01-04-06, 11:33 PM
These behavior modification charts can be downloaded and printed out for free. They're suitable for ages 4-10
what if your a child at heart?

11-01-09, 09:13 PM
Aside from being physically and mentally abusive to another person we give our kids time off on weekends to just be and not force focus issues on them if that makes any sense. BM's can become all consuming and hurtful things if you don't give yourself just one day off. I personally as an adult take Monday's off cause I HATE

Hi NF,

just want to say .
when I try to settle to actually do a prodject. My brain and sometimes my body feels like your avatar.
and I can;t get started. :(

someone sent me this once .
I thought they were being mean when they sent it because they were angry at me

as in

lady your fire and you burn me up .LOL

I like what it has to say regardless of the motive of the sender at that time.

There is really nothing you must be.
And there is nothing you must do.
There is really nothing you must have.
And there is nothing you must know.
There is really nothing you must become.

However, it helps to understand that fire burns,
and when it rains, the earth gets wet.

Japanese Zen scroll

11-01-09, 09:28 PM
I have not looked at the chart. For some reason I have an adversion to charts and lists.

I am working on one behavior . I have noticed My energy is to steam roll around in life . I'm in a HURRY , probably because Im late because I sepnd so much time looking for stuff.

So I try to pause and take notice of tellers cashiers . people who have baby stollers . I make an effort to let others go ahead of me in line.when I want to do the opposite.
I make myself hold the door open .

I try to just walk a bit slowly for awhile behind some people who walk slower . then I change lanes say excuse me how are you and pass .

Im trying to smile more .

so in mindfulness speack instead of bringing myself" to the breath"

Im bringing myself "to the smile"

never was one for the same old same old.;)


01-09-10, 01:56 PM
i want to do one of these charts - my issue would be procrastination that id like to overcome. but i know i COULD PHYSICALLY make myself do the chart but i won't! like i know i wont. and it frustrates me. what makes you motivated enough to do it? i feel like i need someone else to hold me accountable in order to make sure i do something. that's stupid i know. but its how i feel.

01-09-10, 01:57 PM
plus i don't know what a reward even could be for me. that's kinda sad.