View Full Version : Resource Request: Language Focus/Retention Training?

10-05-13, 10:33 AM

New to this forum.

I'm looking for some online/PC based training to help with focus, specifically with linguistic content and retention. I find a lot of focus help for visual game-like programs. But auditory focus seems to be sorely lacking.

Maybe something where you listen to a conversation, then there is a key word or phrase to click the mouse when you hear it? Or what about a series of questions at the end?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

10-08-13, 07:33 PM
Ok,doesn't look like anyone has any suggestions, so here are some things that I found:

Sky Software produces active listening skill building software packages. They have a demo you can download to try it out.

There are online practice tests for TOEFL search for "Listening" from your search engine.

You can download TOEFL practice listening apps and Learn English (Listening skills) apps form iOS app store for iPhone/iPad

Hope these help someone who needs practice with linguistic focus skills.

10-10-13, 08:02 AM
I'm not sure whether they have auditory programs, but lindamoodbell (Google that to find commercial website) has programs for improving language comprehension. I haven't used the program personally and am not sure whether or not they deal with adults, but I do know parents of kids from whom their programs come highly recommended.

Looking further at the website, they have a program called talkies that looks an awful lot like what you were looking for.

12-02-14, 08:33 AM
Interesting topic to me, as along with ADD I was dx'd with Auditory Processing Disorder. I had mentioned to my doctor that I tend to hear speech garbled or as "Mondegreens." Mondegreens is the term for when the sounds one hears form into different words in your mind than the speaker intended. It's like when people get song lyrics wrong, which can be funny for entertainment, but when you're, say, taking phone calls on the job, or afraid to call Customer Service, it can be stressful to you and the other person!

So I'd be interested in hearing results with apps people have used.