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10-06-13, 10:16 AM
Ok two random questions I've been curious about :

ADD or HD goes with many different disorders, and having a personality disorder myself, apparently even that extreme is possible (didn't think - of course, this only is if the diagnose is correct - yes it was an official dx), but Anti Social ? A psycho or sociopath with ADD ? Is there anyone ?

So, are there any Schizoids, Histrionics, Narcissists, Antisocials or alike on this forum ?

Question number two :

ADD is momentarily one of the most complex disorders out there, with the most mistakes committed, and one about which knowledge is still most evolving, and also the one that overlaps the most often with a different disorder. Disorder really only means 'new order' but anyway.

Question is - I'm curious to know from as many members as possible, which thisorder they've got next to it and how it goes on them. Please, only official dxes to give me a better understanding and give us all together clear statistics of which are the most frequent and... maybe age and sex might be interesting as well... and if you don't mind, telling how many of em are genetic... :)

Official dx : haemophilia, severe ADHD combined and AvPD (possible PTSD)
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Origin: Haemophilia from mother's father, ADHD genetic from probably both parents - first one in the entire family to 'suffer' from it or taking meds and therapy though. AvPD probably from father's side as he is a bit withdrawn, and tends to not like groups either and shy of personality (to the point of really irritating me). [PTSD from consistent mental and physical bullying, but nothing confirmed]
Mentality: quirky, or, like I like to call it, elegant with a twist...

10-06-13, 10:19 AM
May I comment? I definitely have Schizoid and Avoidant traits, but I lack formal diagnoses and I believe they are subclinical anyway.

10-06-13, 11:48 AM
im not diagnosed but this is a really interesting thread:

any depression and anxiety and imposter syndrome and social problems, i have had, probably comes from the ADD itself.
otherwise i have seasonal depression.

my dad must have been add combined and my aunt adhd and,piecing together stories, the add would have come from my impulsive grandmother, who lost everything she had, twice.

i used to think i had "inherited" moms anxiety (she has actually been hospitalized twice for depression) but hers is from ptsd. no grief counsellors for teens in the 50ī one to help her, my grandmother died very young after a terrible illness.

10-08-13, 02:47 AM
Ok.... anyone else ? I'm trying to understand attention deficit on a deeper level and am curious about the amount of cluster A (or C) personality disordered people on the forum, N's H's, S's or ASers.

10-08-13, 02:52 AM
N's, H's and As's are Cluster B FYI, as are B's

P's, S's and St's are Cluster A

Av's, D's and O's are Cluster C

10-08-13, 02:58 AM
Ow thanks

Ok waaaaaait what does P, D, St and O stand for ?

10-08-13, 03:30 AM
P - Paranoid, Cluster A {tho personally I think Cluster C is a better fit}

D - Dependant, Cluster C

St - Schizotypical, Cluster A, often comorbid with Schizophrenia, characterised by arbitarily "weird" behaviour.

O - Obsessive Compulsive, Cluster C : This is an Axis 2 PD, not to be confused with the Axis 1 Anxiety-spectrum disorder OCD.

10-08-13, 03:35 AM
Supposed official dx at age 42ish by a psychiatrist, and supported by a therapist, after several years of a depression dx by family doc: adhd, depression, and some type of personality disorder, not designated, and ptsd

I used to be a social butterfly (and wild as hell), but now I feel like that was based more on seeking the eternal thrill, trying to survive said thrills, and self-medicating vs. actually digging the scene in a lot of instances.

I treasure my alone time much more than ever at this stage in my life. Trying not to isolate gets tough some days. More so than I'd like, really.

I also really value social times, when I choose to show up. Being surrounded by folks with a good vibe energizes me like no other. But, that can also overwhelm and exhaust me, creating that damn revolving ditch I gotta dig back out of.

What I was told about family history through the years:

Maternal Grandma - Depression
Maternal Aunt - Depression, Anxiety (Edit: forgot to add that she took her own life at age 62ish)
Mom - is quite obviously adhd to me, but never diagnosed
Sister - all I was ever told was "a chemical imbalance" - she had hospitalizations and shock therapy
Father - diagnosed as a manic depressant at age 57ish, but thanks to Mom telling them she felt there was much more to it than that and they needed to look a little harder physically, they discovered a brain tumor the size of a softball - he passed away 4 months later

Mentality: depends on the moment :)

The only clusters I can confidently speak of are clusters of the F variety. lol

10-08-13, 03:42 AM
Oh, my family:

Father - Officially Major Depression. Almost certain: Borderline PD. Possible: ADHD or Bipolar

Mother - Officially Anxiety-NOS, Insomnia

Paternal Aunt - Officially Anxiety-??? (severe), OCD (severe), Major Depression

Paternal Uncle - Official Anxiety-NOS (mild), Major Depression (mild). Almost Certain: OCD (mild)

Paternal Grandmother - Official None. Almost Certain: GAD (severe)

Paternal Gradfather (dec) - Official None to my knowledge. Possible: Cluster B PD or just General A**hole.

Me: Official: Bipolar 2, GAD, Sleep Disorder. Unofficial: Subclinical Schizoid and Avoidant PD traits, Subclinical PTSD traits. Unlilkely but just maybe: ADHD-C

10-08-13, 06:50 AM
I'm impressed how difficult that must be to live...

10-08-13, 07:19 AM
What ?? I gotta learn a new Alphabet?? poor me, the only cluster's I know are the ones I "F" up on, and someone else usually describes them. my family were a secret society unto them selves, act like nothing is wrong, admit to nothing. but always an aura of hidden secrets. ssssshh.

10-08-13, 08:15 AM
Dad ( Major Depression + PTSD )
-Auntyx2 Depression

Mother ( Some sort of personality disorder )
-Uncle/Aunty ( Hyper/Inattentive? )

Brother ( Some depression )