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10-06-13, 06:00 PM
I dont know if this is right place to put this but 3 days ago I had my worse manic episode it lasted to Friday nite and almost came close to going to the er,, I was so wired n high I was shaking an seein flashes of light, yesterday I crashed and had crushing depression n anxiety today im still so anxious im lightheaded n feel like im breathing thru a straw.If I take a kloni will it put me to sleep or just help me to relax and not feel like the next minute could go all fubar or bohica on me?

10-07-13, 12:13 AM
Edit: Wait, when I first read your post I thought you were saying that you had a 3-day manic episode. Now I have re-read your post, and it seems like maybe you had a panic attack, not a manic episode. And you misspelled "panic" as "manic". A "manic episode" (which is what you wrote) is very different than a "panic attack".

It sounds like you have rather severe mania or hypomania, you need to see a doctor and tell them about how serious this problem is. I cannot give medical advice, but you probably should not be taking any stimulants. Stimulants tend to exacerbate mania, and can precipitate a very unpleasant mixed state.

Go see a doctor, or call a doctor, or go to the ER. A good doctor should return a phone call within a few hours, and they can tell you whether to take Klonopin, and how much to take. You are having serious symptoms and you should not try to treat these symptoms yourself.

Nate W
10-07-13, 07:16 PM
Adhdpatient7 offers great advice. I read "manic" too and did not consider that you might have meant "panic".

If your episode was precipitated by stimulants, how much and of what did you take? Perhaps your dose is too high.

Like suggested please discuss with your doctor, but from personal experience and from the literature, clonazepam (Klonopin) will induce sleep if taken in a large enough dose (and that can vary greatly from person to person and because of how long you have taken it). Also, your level of agitation has a bearing of whether or not you will sleep. The sleep inducing properties wane fairly quickly with repeated use (you build a tolerance to the sleep inducing qualities), but the anti anxiety effects do not seem to wane with repeated use (you don't seem to build a tolerance to the anti anxiety effects).

Clonazepam does appear to be one of the better anti anxiety benzodiazepines due to its long half life and is meant for steady state dosing (1 mg/day in two divided doses of 0.5 mg each). Whereas the other two common standbys--Xanax and Ativan--are more appropriate for random panic attacks. The latter are faster acting and have a shorter half life and as such, carry a higher dependence liability.

But no benzodiazepine is safe for long-term use (over a month). This is my opinion after extensive research and many others share this view as well, but some doctors do not.

Clonazepam is effective for quick general anxiety relief (the crippling kind that prevents you from going to work or school and eating) and if something is needed longer term, clonazepam can be used until a safer alternative begins working (such as an SSRI antidepressant).

I did find that when I was on it for a month many years ago (for panic provoking tinnitus) I found it worked very well but cognitively, I was challenged. Basically, it made it very hard to think and be able to put things together. I felt like a manace while driving.


10-07-13, 07:31 PM
I had a manic episode friday nite, crashed saturday and last 2 days I cant eat, have thrown up the anxiety is so intense I feel like im breathing thru a straw.Of course I dont have no klonis or benzos that just.take the edge off.I see dr next week I dont know of I can wait that long, I really dont feel like telling her my hypomania has now crossed into mania:(if thats what in fact happened to me.

Nate W
10-07-13, 08:27 PM
If it gets unbearable go to the emergency room or the psychiatric hospital. I had a panic attach once in my life that was that intense. I choose the emergency room. All they did was check my vitals and give me ativan and send me on my way and then I made a doctor's appointment. So I would choose the psych hospital over that. At least you could get the proper treatment there, I would think.

And yes, clonazepam is appropriate for the type of extreme continuous anxiety and panic you described--the continuous/debilitating type. (Xanax is more appropriate for the acute, sudden occasional panic attack). And if you have been taking stimulants, please stop until you get help.

And once in my life I had the debilitating panic to the point I was going to kill myself (literally) and I feared for my life. I had a tinnitus spike (unrelenting ringing in my ears all day and night) that was way above my normal tinnitus due to noise damage to my ears when young. It drove me insane and I did not sleep for 30 days and I checked myself into the psych ward. Oddly, they did not want to take me, so I had to make it clear I was going to harm myself. There they put me on 1.25 mg clonazepam a day and it worked wonders.

The follow-up psych doctor said I could be on clonazepam life-long without a problem. I was on it a month by that time. My research indicated otherwise and I told him I was going to taper off of it. He was highly against that, but it was my life and my decision and I weaned off with out any issues. By that time I acclimated to my tinnitus and had a normal sleep cycle.

So in my case the clonazepam was a life saver, but I was so reluctant to take it due to fears I had from reading about it. So the moral is "use with knowledge and caution and it will serve you well, use it without knowledge and haphazardly and it will rake you through hell".


01-06-14, 08:26 AM
klonopin can either put you to sleepů or reduce the anxiety and help you relax.

it depends on what dose you take at the time, Imo.