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10-15-13, 02:49 PM
I am very surprised how little narcolepsy gets mentioned in this forum. Can I make the assumption that I am the only one here that has dealt with daytime sleepiness and night-time hypersomnia throughout my life? I have only noticed cataplexy in the last year and a half, in which my right foot will just go limp, which cause me to fall with my foot getting bent inward (it hurts a lot, but not for long). It definitely happens at moments when i get excited thinking about something. The "sleep paralysis" symptom never really made any sense to me, because how can a person know what she/he is feeling while asleep. It just recently occurred to me that I do periodically have a sensation just before sleep of falling(triggered fear response also), it only lasts a second. Does anyone here know anything about ADHD/narcolepsy comorbidity? I am thinking not even stimulants can work for a person like this.

10-15-13, 04:15 PM
When I joined here just under a year ago, there was a lot more discussion of narcolepsy. You can see those posts, but you might have to spend some time finding them and you might have to adjust some settings at the very bottom of some of the pages so that it will show you older posts.