View Full Version : Straterra and dosage - wanting to get back on

10-18-13, 04:11 PM
First off, quickly:

I struggle with mental focus/concentration and having little to no physical energy both medicated/not medicated. For the better part of my life labeled as lazy and uninspired. I also have bad allergies that brings on asthma and I already get out of breath extremely fast after any running based activity so I'm hit from both sides as far as perception of outward motivation. And my ADD symptoms are internal, personality wise I am very reserved, very laid back outwardly and not hyperactive.

I am looking to get back on Straterra and am currently taking Dextroamphetamine/generic adderall 20 mg. I've been on this current medicine for 2 months with little to no results to really take note of. Prior to this I was on Buproprion shortly for depression (I believe 10 mg) and it cleared my head but did nothing for my ADD symptoms really, still glued down physically and nothing 'get up and go' wise in my brain.

I was on Straterra for 2 months and had a very unbalanced experienced overall. I was put on 40 mg by my doctor for 1 week, 60 for week 2, 80 week 3 and above. Almost immediately I felt those receptors in my brain click that were prior 'not awake' as I like to say for that first week and my energy/productivity was through the roof. Before my teen years (I am 23 now) I was reading a lot and whether or not anyone hear is a reader it came easy for me. I was reading that first week on straterra, first time in years (books I mean, more than general). I was maintaining info and words and remained content while productive.

Then week 2-3 I just slummed off the effects and it really flickered out all too fast. I was getting tired again (not just by everyday work life) but the huge success I had week 1 was not there.

I then dropped back to 40 per my request to try and duplicate said success and, nothing to make note of. The patience involved and transition in my life during that time affected my spirits to where I had a different doc prescribe me buproprion.

1 week is 1 week but it was the most success I've had to date with my ADD. I have mild depression (I think) and my own bouts of anxiety that range from none to pretty severe. But I was wondering, anyone have any advice on dosage or any long winded straterra use their willing to share? I am really at a crossroads again with my patience but I'm really willing to try out Straterra at a much lower dose and gradually make my way up if necessary.