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10-21-13, 03:11 AM
I have an eleven year old boy in the sixth grade. He is a very loving child and is a great kid. He started a new school this year for the sixth grade and his progress report is not good it looks like he is pretty much failing. He has a hard time focusing while at school and of course loves to talk with the other kids. I am really concerned and I'm not sure what I should do at this point. I have had him on meds in the past but it changed his personality so much I just could not see giving it to him. It was almost like having a different child. I really want him to succeed in life and would like some advice please. Thank you.

10-21-13, 03:04 PM
How long has he been without meds? Has he struggled in the past? Does he feel that the curriculum is too hard for him? Middle school is a big change from elementary school. Some kids stumble during the first quarter as they try to acclimate themselves to the new structure.

10-21-13, 04:21 PM
Is he failing every subject? Can you get a 504 plan for him? A tutor?

I don't have much advice, but am worried about the same thing happening to my 5th grader next year. My son is also not on medication as I have had similar results. Medication makes him sad and depressed and he withdraws from everything and everyone. He is just a happier, funnier, more loving kid off the meds.

Can you check with your local library? Ours offers free tutoring by high school students, maybe that will help?

10-22-13, 02:16 PM
Hello Tiffany..

Being a child myself who failed school because of every excuse they could come up with for me.
However, when I started playing sports and to play you had to get good grades, all the sudden I could get good grades.

Medicine was the key to my success. At first they made me feel different, act different, and I didn't like them.

After a few adjustments with type and dosage, I started to get use to them and they began to help me succeed, especially in school.

I can honestly tell you I would not have made it without them.
I was super hyper.

Before just giving up completely on meds, talk with his doctor and see if you can find a happy medium.

Good Luck Mom!