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10-22-13, 04:59 PM
I hate never knowing what to say. I hate being embarassed when ever i ask women out. I hate having zero friends. I hate not fitting in anywhere.

And people wonder why the **** i'm negative!

10-22-13, 05:34 PM
You're right. People who tell you to just be positive are missing the point. Bad stuff is negative, and you can't change that. (A gold-plated turd is still a turd.) :)

Same strategy brings same results. Want new results? Need new strategy.

Many people acknowledge their need for a new strategy and then they go right back to the old familiar one that got them what they don't want. People love love love their old familiar strategies, whether those work or not.

10-23-13, 09:04 AM
Join an aspie community.

10-23-13, 10:29 AM
Tools, tools, tools! Mimickery will get you everywhere :)

10-23-13, 10:35 AM
I like Asparagus :D

10-31-13, 07:50 AM
Embrace it, Fraser. You're stuck with it so it's best to work ways to start enjoying life again despite having it.
My ADHD gets in the way of me sticking to creative projects. My moods keep me out of a job and ever getting along with anyone ever. AS does create some barriers between me saying what I want to people, especially good looking strangers but I just try to focus on my strengths. I was doing good until someone saw my lack of being social as regressing. My extreme anxiety to change comes from AS. There's a lot of issues that come from having AS.

It's hard when you haven't yet found just 1 or 2 friends that will love you for who you are but it might happen one day.

I hate my mood issues because the strain on my mind and the anxiety and depression and the general losing my mind feeling. My AS interests give me some relief from that and I play up the little kid act. I love my toys/figures and I love going into a world where I don't have to make any effort to be a grown up and try to participate in a conversation I have no interest for with people who will shut down any topic of conversation I bring up.

I know it gets lonely and I'm no stranger to that feeling but relationships (even among just friends) come with their own complications.

I hope you find your strengths and put all your focus on them instead of what you struggle with. I suck at math and can barely read these days and usually when I talk to people when I see a band live a bunch of mixed up incomprehensible junk just spurts out.

11-06-13, 07:12 PM
My social life is terrible too. I haven't had friends or a girl friend for years. I find this especially tough on hollidays like christmas or New Years Eve. Also, I love to go on skiing/snowboarding holidays (eg in Switzerland), but going by your self is not much fun, it is really something you have to do with good friends or a girl friend.

However, my autism gives me positive characteristics too. I have a lot of discipline. I can work for weeks in a row to complete a musical piece. Many people have difficulty practising regularly because they find it boring or what ever, I don't have this problem at all. I am good on a abstract level and good in creativity. But, in contrary to FracturedStory I am terrible with words.

I belief that mild autism/adhd has powerful qualities (next to negative ones) but you have to find the key to unlock them. Finding my passion/your thing/your way in life is extremely important in my case.

Think about this:
A normal brain is just and average brain.

03-16-14, 07:23 PM

Is this a good idea?:

Do a cycling trip in the country side (bring a tent/etc) all the gear and camp out each night and set journey the next day.... like being on an adventure ..

now, if I was doing that (and I am) I think maybe if you take medication then its best not to take it. (regarding health effects and all that.. because if your cycling a lot you know.... ) AND AND, you want to create a new experience.... free from your medication and computer screens. something you remember. an adventure.

no electronics apart from your phone for emergencies,etc.

03-17-14, 07:15 AM

I don't think it would be a good idea, because you'll experience withdrawal effects and it will mess up your whole trip. If you really really want to have this adventure without meds, than try quitting them a couple of weeks in advance. Otherwise, I think this kinda trip would be awesome.

09-08-17, 11:20 PM
Things I live for I struggle with, that's doesn't seem right, doesn't make sense, wtf is going on? Point of my life

09-09-17, 02:47 AM