View Full Version : Strattera and anxiety

10-24-13, 10:31 AM
OK I have had panic attacks for many years and have been on almost every med available. My anxiety is a bit better but now I almost strictly have driving panic attacks. Working with my Dr. he thought there may be a chance I had ADD. So he tested me and confirmed it. My questions are as follows: How does having ADD cause panic attacks while driving and how can taking meds such as Strattera help in making my driving panic more manageable? Also im on 40mg of Strattera and I have actually been more anxious. Normal?

11-18-13, 11:49 PM
Personally, I have anxiety and ADD and I find Strattera helps. I'm only on 25 mg and I just started 3 weeks ago, but so far smooth sailing.

In terms of panic attacks and driving, I can only make a presumption of off what little info you've given me. It could be that the many distractions of the road mixed with you're ADD make you panic, or the stress of the day + driving. It's really hard to say. But I know a lot of my panic attacks/anxiety come from the lack of control ADD gives me.

Strattera might help because it can help some people with anxiety. But we're all genetically different and the only way you can find out is to give it a try. Strattera can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to fully kick in, so you might just be overthinking it right now. What dose are you on?

Hope this helped! :)