View Full Version : NES Night Eating Syndrome

10-26-13, 01:43 PM
Do you wake up from your sleep to eat at night? Every night?

Every morning I wake up to dirty dishes and crumbs on the counter from eating during my sleep. I'm awake but clumsy.

Does this happen to you?

10-01-14, 06:10 PM

But i've been overeating junk at night lately and it's been doing me no good.

Its like already feeling full but eating more but not noticing how packed you are.. I just keep eating until the packet is empty.

10-01-14, 06:16 PM
Can you just lock your kitchen

10-01-14, 06:21 PM

The kitchen's fine ..

going to the shops is the problem :)

05-30-15, 05:48 AM
do you think you eat too much at daytime, too - or to unregular...?

do you have appetite at night or just the desire to eat something?
what foods do you prefer at night?