View Full Version : Does Focalin increase food absorption?

10-28-13, 12:32 PM
Does anyone think that Focalin has increased or sped up their absorption of foods? Or simply made the effects of food more evident?

It's definitely made it so I am much more sensitive to what I eat. I notice immediate and often dramatic effects of food now. I'm not sure about absorption, but am wondering about it. I took too many iron supplements and can't seem to recover from it, nor get a doctor to take my problem seriously when I think it's very serious, just not immediately life-threatening. I may have thalassemia, which increases absorption of iron because I am technically anemic. Thalassemia is a genetic disorder and two of my cousins know they have it. The body increases absorption of iron when it is anemic, regardless of whether it is iron deficient. I am waiting to find out if I have thalassemia - will get results by tomorrow. But just wondering if my medication may also be exacerbating the problem. Maybe I should take a few days off and see if that helps.

Relatedly, I also wonder if thalassemia may decrease my body's maximum ability to utilize iron, thereby speeding up the process of iron overload and decreasing my ability to recover from it... since thalassemia typically decreases ability to make hemoglobin via one of the two types of globin.

10-29-13, 05:45 AM
Hmmm... Really barely have idea. Is focalin a stimulant? Why do you think it speeds up absorption? I think maybe focal in stimulates central nervous system... I know nothing ab whether it can stimulate something to speed up a system like digestive system. I think it can effect thyroid... And also maybe burns food in context of "brain food" and mental calories... Or whatever. Gosh, hope I'm making sense.