View Full Version : Just Published my first eBook!

10-29-13, 04:26 PM
While the original story idea (Gina's Dream) was formed in 1995, I did not begin to tackle preparing it for publication until 2011. It has taken 2+ years to reach the publication stage.

What an experience. What an education. What a challenge.

The closer it got to publication, the more details I had to deal with and for someone who struggles to remember everyday tasks, it was quite a challenge.

In fact, today, as I submitted the manuscript for copyright, I almost quit because there were so many details to understand, so many "help" pages to read, so many choices. So many different websites to learn on the spot. I worried I would screw it up.

Then, when I actually went to submit the manuscript for self-publication (Smashwords), I was faced again with a laundry list of tasks and choices I barely understood.

But, I have been reading about these processes for two years as well, hoping to fend off major problems when the day of publication arrived.

I made lots of notes and lists to try to keep me on task.

I did not think of ADD/HD more than I did today when I was faced with all those forms. My head swam. I was filled with dread. In fact, just after I submitted my manuscript for publication and it was accepted, my internet connection dropped out. So many possible problems-- my avocation is making backup plans.

While I like to write, this experience reinforced the fact, I am not a fast writer.

Anyway, I would be happy to answer any questions others may have about self-publishing.