View Full Version : Are you terrible at everything?

eclectic beagle
10-30-13, 03:16 PM
So, my experience has been, no matter what I try my hand at, I will always be terrible at something and in most cases my performance level goes down the longer I perform. It's very difficult to attain self-esteem, when you realize you're atrocious at everything.

10-30-13, 03:20 PM
Not true. Everyone is good at something.

eclectic beagle
10-30-13, 03:32 PM
Not true. Everyone is good at something.


10-30-13, 03:46 PM
Pretty much yes :)

There are a few things I don't completely suck at but even those come with a lot of ifs and buts attached.

Being terrible is pretty relative though. You can always find people who are betteror worse than you at everything. Martine you just need to compare yourself with different puddle. Or better don't compare yourself anyone. You can only be terrible at something relative to someone else.

And who knows, you've still got quite a few years to live. You might still find gsomething that you are good at.

But yeah, I know what you mean.

eclectic beagle
10-30-13, 03:53 PM
I find any type of self-evaluation very depressing. Nothing to offer.

10-30-13, 04:24 PM
I've just had quite a revolutionary thought (for me anyway):

So even if we really are quite terrible at everything we do, so what?

eclectic beagle
10-30-13, 04:40 PM
Don't know, boredom I guess, since there's no use in trying to improve my skill at anything (if there's no potential for skill enhancement, it makes little sense to keep attempting improvement).