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10-31-13, 07:58 PM
I was diagnosed with ADHD in July, and the process has been so aggravating. I’m a college student taking 22.5 units this quarter, and my medication has been so hit or miss. Originally, after titrating up by 5mg every two days on Adderall IR (5-10-15-20) in an attempt to five my dose, I thought 15mg was it, until I had a panic attack on the second day of taking it in the middle of studying.

So, I decided to drop my summer classes without a “W” and enjoy my summer. I have a 3.96 GPA and wanted to get two classes out of the way, but that wasn’t going to work if I couldn’t focus. I’m taking 22.5 units this quarter, and it’s been hectic, especially with the seemingly ineffective solution to my problem.

Doses have sometimes given me panic attacks, forcing me to go to the ER and giving chest pain. My PCP said this is anxiety and to titrate up again starting at 10mg to gie the dosage one last shot beginning on Monday. Here’s what I noticed this week: Monday and Tuesday were bad. I had withdrawal since 10mg was basically useless especially at one dose.

Yesterday was ok with the 15mg but probably the same since the level of work is harder today. For instance, today I took 15mg at 12, kicks in around 12:30 according to psych, and it wears off by 3:30. I am currently at my car dealership getting my car serviced and am trying to focus on reading an article on California’s economy for a GE speech class. I’ve had this article opened the whole time I’ve been here and can’t go for even a paragraph without either looking around or being distracted.

Especially with the loud and annoying kids that were here earlier, I look around and get immersed and annoyed with what they’re doing. I only seem to have what I could call low distractibility/focus when writing things like this post. When I’m trying to read the article, I look around and sounds around me go from secondary to primary. The only time I’ve noticed that this doesn’t happen is when I’m basically in a dead quiet room, i.e. my apartment at like 2 AM. Completely quiet areas I certainly notice a difference. I also noticed that my fatigue is 100% addressed and addressing time is difference (i.e. if it's 3 pm and I reflect to earlier in my day such as 11 am, it seems like much longer before than it would've been otherwise)... which is promising since I guess it's showing better management of time.

Negatively I still end up getting concerned about my love handles and insanely self-conscious when I can't focus. I’m not even that big, 5’10” 180 lbs. and exercise but I just end up thinking about everything but studying.Focus in my opinion is when I am fully engaged in the task that I desire, I am unable to, and thus think about other things every either few seconds or few minutes. Not every 40 minutes or every hour, that's normal. I'm talking seconds and a a maximum of 1-2 minutes. I fidget and move around in my chair constantly. I'm studying business, and only acquired that GPA by basically studying bits and pieces and focusing on the grade instead of the pertinent class. I rarely actually learned. I'm intelligent and put in hard work- but compared to people with the same intellectual abilities as myself, i.e. my colleagues and fellow classmates, I end up having a leg down due to the ADHD.

Even whispering annoys me. I just end up looking around and getting nothing done even though I’ve been trying for hours like my full-on ADHD self. It’s the most frustrating thing. This isn’t normal. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with this? It’s a basic wiki article, I should be able to read it and have some info for my class. It sucks. Does it mean my dose should be increased, i.e. 17.5 or is there an underlying issue?

10-31-13, 08:02 PM
What does your doctor say about this?

10-31-13, 10:43 PM
What does your doctor say about this?

The noise specifically I haven't talked about. As far as staying on the med doctor agrees that I need it for academic performance. I've seen him so often I feel embarrassed going back again. He'll think I'm nuts, but I will mention this. I also am thinking about getting a psych here since mine is out-of-state.