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11-01-13, 11:54 PM
Hi I'm Diane

My significant other (Joe) and I have only recently started discussing the possibility that he may be adhd. In the past when I'd mention it he'd just blow it off which was so frustrating. I started doing alot of research on adhd and it's effects on relationships. I started to see that my reactions to him were making life oh so much worse than it had to be. So I've been trying to change how I react and how I interact with him.

I brought the subject up again last month but this time all I did was give him some information on adhd and a checklist with which he could rate how he feels in answer to each question. I didn't push just simply asked if he could read it sometime. A few days later he did and even asked me to read his answers on the checklist. I was surprised and he seemed relieved.

A week later he mentioned this to his doctor (he's currently being treated for anxiety & deppression) and I was shocked at the pdoc's reaction. It was like we had offended him. Joe wants to follow up with another doctor but it's not easy finding someone who takes adult adhd seriously and doesn't compare it to childhood adhd.... uggh it's frustrating.

I love the most wonderful, smart, funny, loving, frustrating man and I need all the help I can get. thanks for listening

11-02-13, 12:05 AM
I'm sorry you had to go through that with the psychiatrist.

Comparing to childhood ADHD can be OK in the right context, but only when done intelligently and with a good intention.

Sometimes, finding the right doctor can be weird and intimidating. One potential way around it is (weirdly enough) finding whichever pediatrician near you seems to specialize in helping ADHD kids; that person can perhaps be your contact for finding an effective and helpful psychiatrist.

11-02-13, 01:58 AM
Maybe it is possible to find a pdoc that has experience with adult ADHD? Sucks that so many of us get the brush off. >:(

11-02-13, 02:11 AM
Have him ask his pdoc for a psych referral.
Pdocs are good for meds not psych diagnosis.
After diagnosis the psych can recommend stims to the pdoc to prescribe .

11-02-13, 04:32 AM
Hey Dianne ( and Joe :) )

Keep at it, eventually you'll find someone less ignorant ;)

Seeking help can be a mixed bag at times, tho' the clarity and understanding it can bring is well worth it.

11-02-13, 09:33 PM
Thanks for the advice and support. I appreciate it :)

01-01-14, 06:15 PM
My husband sees a neurologist. you may want to try that route?
However, if you don't feel you are getting good care from your pdoc, then please do find one that is good. Also, if you work near a major university that has a medical center, sometimes they may have departments that specialize in working with adults with ADHD as it's becoming more newly diagnosed as it's become more realized that people don't just grow out of it! Good luck!