View Full Version : 6 years later I'll be diagnosed

11-03-13, 11:12 PM
I'm pretty sure at least.

Another 12 years and I'll be on the right medication.

I'm just sick of going through this every month. Every time I go to see my psychiatrist I just think next month will be better. But it's not. I make the same stupid mistakes even though I know that I can avoid them, especially before pms hits. When pms hits it's like I have even less control of myself.

But I never get a break, ever. My normal moods last about 10 minutes or sometimes hours where I'm so not used to them I feel dull and bored and have no clue what to do. So, it makes me think I can only enjoy life by being at least hypomanic, and all my ADHD issues make me think I can only do certain things when manic.

Anyway, this mood will too pass. I have no idea what comes next and I've been so mixed today that my moods are pretty much going around in circles.

I just want some relief. I feel I have to burn my mind out just to cope with it.

And obsessions about socialising with a certain somebody just constantly plagues my mind.

11-03-13, 11:22 PM
fractured :grouphug:

11-15-13, 06:11 AM
Oh God, someone medicate me. I can't go through another depressive episode again.