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11-04-13, 08:16 AM
Hello - I have been on Adderall for 5m. started off on 20 2x a day and while it worked for a little while, the effects soon tapered off. then we tried 30 2x, with no difference. I have been on 30 3x a day for a few days now. it is the max dose and if this doesn't work then we will need to try something different.
I work full time, as a nurse I work 3 12's 7p-7a. I am a mom to a two year old. I am going to school online & that is when I realized that I had a problem. couldn't concentrate worth ****. the 30's 3x qd is finally making a difference!
but I am not sleeping. now my sleep has always been screwy bc of working nights, so I tended to go to bed late. btwn 1-3a. right now it's 7am & I am just getting sleepy. I didn't get to take my 1st dose till noon, second at 5 and just 20mg at 8p. I know I prob took the add doses to late, but it's hard w working nights 3 days a week to get a good schedule going.
I took 10mg of melatonin at 11p (dr recommend dose) & .05 Xanax at 3a (which he doesn't know about, it's a old script that i happened to find while I was cleaning & was desperate to sleep so I took it.)
I was also on Zoloft for two years, & am weaning off of it now, could the Zoloft be adding to re insomnia?
any suggestions on dose times for a night shifter?
My sweet beautiful baby girl is going to be up in an hour... I can handle the lack of sleep for a few days, hey just pop some more adderalls right ;) but I'm sure I will be short & crabby & it's not fair on her.
sorry for the novel I just wrote but I've been up all night worrying & am soooo grateful to have found this site. when I googled previously for help I just found a bunch of junkies saying "smoke weed, drink alcohol, ect" & I don't want that.
will the insomnia fade after my body adjusts?

11-04-13, 11:02 AM
Try laughter yoga or laughter club. laughter is excitable so it will calm you down significantly if you can laugh non-stop for at least 10 mins with friends or in a group.

i'm doing vocal lessons and it makes me feel better cause music keeps not just ADHD ppl but majority of the world population. Even I tried all ADD meds and none of them helped me.