View Full Version : Glimpses

Blanched Dubois
11-04-13, 05:38 PM
what is real?
catch it if u can

retrograde motion reverses the flow
endless repetition of what you already know
wordless renditions
as it goes and it goes and ya know
it's all about

innumerable postulates masterbates minds
SPEECH!!! it's a weapon, a chainsaw a blind ( venetian style )
epistemology!! now that's the word rule
revolution number one - kick out the 'old school' 'good old boys club'
and change the terms of the time allowed for one to 'govern'
any dept of we the peeps 'government'

but I digress

planets align to our own design and
we 'worry' about 'the times'
while the only thing certain is change

simplicity is key
karma is dharma
visions of what is and can be
ecstatic energy -kundalini
the doors are the core
it's up to you to decide
open or close your mind
unified field is ONE

sensual insatiability deceives the senses
in full mayaic presentation 'technicolor'
innocence and intention
green light means go
my heart slightly quickens
my stomach it sickens
and I know it's all about