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11-04-13, 11:35 PM
Hey there,

I was diagnosed with ADHD during my 3rd yr of my undergrad in 2006. After multiple medication changes between coming off of Wellbutrin and starting Valproic acid (to quiet frontal lobe in hopes I could reduce my mg of Dex to reduce side effects) I had what I call a cycle of seizures.

Diagnosed with Primary Generalized Epilepsy (Bi-Lateral- Prefrontal) somewhere btw 2009-2010.

Clobazam treats my epilepsy well. Seizure free (at least to my knowledge) since starting medication treatment for it. Clobazam has also done wonders for my anxiety (as it previously was an anti-anxiety before they recognized the anticonvulsant properties).

I still struggle to find the right med for adhd. Dex, Ritalin, Strattera, wellbutrin, modafinil, valproic acid are all busts. When trying to find a mood stabilizer I had an allergic reaction to oxy-carbamazepine & Lamotrigine.
I am currently switching off Adderall (40mg) back to Vyvanse 30mg. The Adderall seemed to be worn off by 6hrs after taking it. Vyvanse - Well this round seems COMPLETELY ineffective. Before taking Adderall I was on Vyvanse and it was effective then (But that was over a year ago). I also recently started taking Trazodone for sleep which could be why I am more in the fog in the morning.

I plan to call my psychiatrist to talk about increasing my vyvanse though I am already getting the vyvanse acne again... which I had just found some relief from during the first two weeks of being off Adderall (& Adderall Acne). :mad:

I am hoping to hear from others who might have a diagnosis of both epilepsy and ADHD(or ADD)

Other Diagnosis I have include Anxiety, Endometriosis. I have also had depression. I am unsure if they will say that is a comorbid as I feel it was more situational. Though it was suggested previous to last bout of depression that I might have SAD.

11-07-13, 07:47 PM
I notice that you wrote your post three days ago. My son just had his second seizure yesterday. He is high-functioning autistic, ADD inattentive, and now the same epilepsy diagnosis that you have. He is 17, and adding epilepsy to these struggles he's already having is depressing to me (not to him -- he's the eternal optimist, thank heavens).

My son, like you, has tried what seems like every med on the planet -- Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Metadate, Focalin, Daytrana, and Vyvanse. Concerta was the best, followed by Metadate -- but he always has one good year, and then things go down hill. He takes Cymbalta for the depression that comes with stimulants (sometimes) and Intuniv for the tics associated with the stimulants. He tried Wellbutrin for a month, but that was the cause of the first seizure. He is currently being weaned off of that, because of daytime sleepiness. Things were looking better, and then BOOM, the second seizure.

So now we have Vyvanse (90 mg) Cymbalta (30 mg) and Lamactil. Geez. When we go to see the ADD doctor, he's probably going to add Concerta back into the mix. The Cymbalta works very well, but the Vyvanse only worked for about three weeks, and then it started to lean toward NOTHING. Not nothing, I guess, but very little help. I guess that's why the concerta is being considered as an add-on.

I hope that you find some help with both your add and the epilepsy. I am concerned with what I unknowingly think of as limiting -- the inability to drive until my son has been seizure free for six months, the sleepiness at school, the struggle over working on homework, etc. -- and maybe you can tell me what it's really like.