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11-06-13, 08:28 AM
Been through almost every possible cause of ADHD.

It appears as though it's a stress reaction from undertaking activities which do not give a sense of reward.

We're programmed to do without hesitation - neurochemically rewarding behaviours - and to become stressed when we attempt behaviours which bring no reward.
The dopaminergic circuit is really that important.

Knock-outs with an engineered defect (see Barliman ref) in the reward system - cannot even summon the energy to eat food in front of their faces
- reward pulls our strings - and of course food (taste, blood glucose elevation) are wired into the dopaminergic reward system - leading us down the route of self-medication from processed carbs/animal protein -> to -> the current diabesity epidemic.

So - are we broken and should be getting reward from these tasks ? or are we fine and shouldn't be getting reward ?

We're fine - and should be getting reward not from the robotic completion of tasks/procedures eg exams etc - but from the feeling, transmitted from others - of having done something more generally worthwhile.

So ?

So ADHD (see Peripheral) is simple Attunement Deficit Disorder.

And we have it - because attunement/empathic behaviour is not permitted in our current competitive global societal infrastructure.

Is it really as simple as that ?
Pretty much.

No grandparental, parental, foetus (in gestation), newborn, toddler, child youth, young adult, adult, old person disorder
- if we simply eliminate conditionality (the need for money) in the acquisition of the essentials for survival.

The key stress in life comes from fear of survival - this is most likely the selection which drove evolution ... ... we've reached a point in our evolution where we can ensure all of our survival - and shift off the paradigm - into a new paradigm of ensuring optimal quality of life for ALL people.

And so why don't we ?
Because of all the dead-head zombies out there who're addicted to money, power, materialism, consumerism.

Lost in an addictive whirl - we're unable to put in place a social system where everybody can have it all - because people are addicted to the dream of being the one, served by the all (see animal Kingdom) who has it all ... ... but as King Canute found - having it all gives you just a little more than the guy at the bottom of the pyramid
- that is -
and no matter how much monarchs like to connect themselves to some fictitious almighty God - are just as human as the serf at the bottom of the pile.

Need to eat, need shelter, need to go toilet, need to wash ... ... ...

The gift of the human mind - when complete - is a model of reality which sees all men as equal.
Until completion of the human mind, the individual clings to the idea of climbing that bit higher than others - as a rewarding pursuit.

Nobody with any wisdom can agree with climbing higher in the social hierarchy as being any measure of the meaning of life - the meaning of life comes inadvertently, through losing that primitive (competitive) reward system.

11-06-13, 08:40 AM
The primitive and the modern (higher,social) reward systems are described here - that is - are to be found in the animal kingdom.
ADDers have simply lost access to the lower as sufficient - cannot access the higher (in an antisocial society) - and so drown ourselves in the lower
- to no avail.

No matter the money, power, competition, certificates, titles
- we attain

- we don't get no satisfaction.


Comparison of the selfish and social reward systems here - from Duke (

11-06-13, 08:50 AM
The sole difference between ADDers/nonADDers

is that ADDers are an enforcedly social organism; we obtain reward from social attunement.

We can't force ourselves to perform behaviours which don't activate our reward system.

No organism can.

The nonADDer can go both ways - and has the primitive and social reward system in place.

Which one is 'built' - depends on pattern of learning.

You can't have both - one crowds out the other - where in current society - because of the need for the selfish construct of money - it's the empathic/social reward system (the one we're meant to be developing) which is broken.

Why're we meant to be developing it ?
Because it doesn't operate via the addictive mechanism ie you can't kill yourself from choosing it.

And ?
And - it allows us to collaborate together to construct a simply worded explanation of reality, the meaning of life etc ... ... so we can get past the mind
- and have a life of sitting in the sun with our wonderfully fluffy dog.


A happy ending - for one and for all.,1221190615,2/stock-photo-german-shepherds-laying-in-sun-glasses-on-sand-17275675.jpg

As good as it gets - with Mrs ADDer (because pair-bonding is good) just behind.

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Even she'll admit that she's in need of a shave.

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Yes you do.

11-06-13, 09:09 AM
Equality as root to alleviation of suffering.

-<- solution -<- Disorder element of ADD(H/I) ->- solution ->-

11-06-13, 01:01 PM
You're describing a simple defect of ADHD (poor or incomplete development of reward systems) and branding that defect a virtue. Certainly this defect causes us (by default) to make more use the parts of our minds that are not broken, but to declare a revolution based on a mental defect is neither inspiring nor particularly interesting.