View Full Version : EasilyDo - and or any other "smart" todo lists

11-08-13, 05:42 AM
Hey guys... Stevuke's KanbanFlow post reminded me that I came across this app today and have no first hand experience of it...

It's marketed as a "personal assistant" todo organiser... Anyone tried it?

Tho it has often occured to me how useful a semi automated TODO app could be... by learning your peak work times and repetitive tasks it could take the maintenance out of working lists and help to optimise your productivity.

This app seems to be more "socially targeted" which may not be such a bad thing for some of us... it appears to be able to;

-Smart remind you to leave for next appointments
-Auto text people if your late etc.
-Auto reply to social media notifications
-Prioritise your lists...

Might be worthwhile someone who is quite mobile and active on social media giving it a whirl to see if it helps them out... I think the initial learning curve / setup might take a while though...