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11-09-13, 06:31 AM
I am new to this forum, live in a place where ADD is non-existent for adults, and no ADD directed therapy for adults exists, CBT, alternative or pharmacological. usually they even say this, it's all in your head. Or you should have grown out of it by now. And given my age (50+) and looking back, it didn't really exist then anywhere, and so I learned to live with it as best I could. But my life was also a series of accidents waiting to happen and things I couldn't finish. And this fact, maybe some genetic susceptibility as well, led me to depression, with which I am getting help. But I am pretty much alone with the ADD problems and they really impact things like life quality, work, and relationships.

I am trying to learn as much as I can about ADD and to live differently. Lack of consistency is a big problem. And lately I was thinking I could really use a time management coach., some one I can sit down with and work on problems related to time, life and work. I don't have many other ideas, except to dowhat I can, and to follow up on the resource suggestions on this site.

11-09-13, 07:22 AM
We are very glad to have you here! I would suggest trying to network a bit locally ( as well ). I know this type of thing might be scarce around there... Geez there are barely any groups where I am at either!

If you can't get in touch with local experienced / practical people... Look around you for someone you get along with and might be able to meet once a week and catch up on each others goals.

To begin with, i'd recommend keeping your learnings quite targeted, as is your query. Try balance research / reading hours with doing hours. A tendancy can arise where we keep getting new info without trying / digesting or continuing what we originally came for ;)

Either way... Feel free to come back here and update us whenever you wish!

11-09-13, 07:26 AM
Even if you were once able to function on a superb level in school/work (as I once did), our minds grow older and aren't quite running on full cylinders anymore. This makes it very difficult to focus and maintain a normal life without falling into restlessness and procrastination.

Don't listen to naysayers. This is a real and chronic disorder that has real world implications. These medications can help you better control your problems, and give you a much more productive and meaningful life. I mean back in the 60's they didn't call them "Mama's Little Helpers" for nothing =P

Best of luck to you.

11-09-13, 11:06 AM
thanks guys, i know about trying to connect up with others who are in the same boat, and tried to put together a group. Nothing came of this. And I've given up talking to the mind gurus about this. They are systems people, know what is best for you, and when I say there is really something to this I get put down, when I say I want to try medication they say I just want to be a drug addict. The problem for me is that this imbalnce, plus depression has really cost me, all those 'things' that ordinary people take for granted, I mean love and work. I would like to ask an open ended question, what about life purpose? What the literature calls bliss. Then my distraction would fall into perspective., instead of taking front and center stage. How do you find this and what if your bus has already left?

11-09-13, 11:31 AM
Anyone who accuses you, or any other human being of being a "drug addict" for seeking help through legal medication approved by a Doctor is a despicable, ignorant, and severely uniformed waste of life. Move forward with what you feel is best
for you.