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11-09-13, 08:21 PM
Hi All,

Iím new to this forum and came across it while searching for information and advice about neurofeedback treatments in Sydney. I canít believe there are a whole lot of people out there that feel the same as me. What a great place to come to make me feel like Iím not alone in this!

Iím 31y.o. male and, knowing for my whole life that I was a little different, Iíve recently been diagnosed with ADD. My wife and I are trying to figure out the best way to move forward, and itís all a bit overwhelming and confusing. I have been prescribed dexamphetamine, I havenít started it yet, and have also had 2 sessions with a psychologist/life coach who I feel really comfortable with. Weíre not anti medication, but it would be nice to know weíve covered all bases regarding treatment before I start taking it.

Iíve received some information from a neurofeedback centre. Their treatment involves initial testing including an EEG, hearing tests and full blood tests. The ongoing treatment involves around 20-50 neurofeedback sessions, which from what we understand retrains your brain to focus better. The treatment also includes nutritional advice and hearing therapy if needed. Then the introduction of medication if still necessary.

The catch is that we will be around $6,000 out of pocket by time the treatment is over, and there are no guarantees of its success.

Weíre battling with the decision of whether or not to go ahead with the treatment in the hope that it might improve things for me. Itís such a huge decision considering there are no solid statistics or guarantees.

I understand there are other neurofeedback treatment centres in the area that donít include the holistic approach with the nutritional and bloodwork component, but are much cheaper.

We would love to hear from anyone out there that has tried this treatment? Or know of anyone who has? Or can shed any bit of light on this to help us make a decision?

Thanks in advance

11-10-13, 09:16 AM
Some people say neurofeedback helps but as far as I know, Medication with behavior modification is the best way to treat adhd and far more cost effective.

11-10-13, 11:29 AM
A problem with neurofeedback is that it is expensive. The other problem is that it works for some and not for others.

What this means is that you may spend the money and get good results or spend the money and get little benefit.

In my opinion, if you can readily afford it then by all means give it a try. If you cannot then I might suggest caution.

Here is a good article on the subject:

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11-10-13, 11:42 AM
PMing you regarding to give/get further info.

Is this in addition to meds?
What other options are on the table?
What is your current stability like with work / emotions / tasks?

I tend to mirror what DizFriz has to say... There is alot of positive reports coming in about the effectiveness of neurofeedback. Especially with comparision to other non-medicinal treatments in terms of time frames and behavior targeting. Like you say... You want to have good outcomes... and it can be expensive... I would say hold off for at least two or 4 months. This will give you time to emotionally absorb where your at and try the meds. Have you asked them about treatment outcomes in medicated vs non-medicated individuals?

If after being on the meds for 6 - 12 weeks is still leaving you feeling a little..... shall we say..... underutilised? then you've really gotta pinpoint whether its an an emotionally based or behaviorally based blockage. There is no right or wrong. Basically it all comes down to what is inhibiting your expression right now ( near term ).

On the upside... I have read that ADHD alone can be dealt with ( key clarity reached - not behaviors cured ) quite well ( a few sessions ) from a counselling perspective. In other words it is not likely that you will require more than 8 to 12 session with a good counsellor if the only issue is ADHD alone. It's true... Personally i've just gone past that mark and yes... I have discovered the key things. Though after many years not knowing there are still some things i'd like to explore and my counsellor is mostly doing coaching with me now anyways with a little therapy.

Let's say I work in a professional environment with a supportive family... Geez... After 4 weeks on meds then neurofeedback yipppppeeeee!!! Yes, there is no guarantee tho'. In my opinion it's worth it to maintain the flow. I might even be coming to you in 6 months asking for advice ;)

Let's say your work is stable... yet your relationship / emotional stability is - or has been a major blockage.... then counselling or cbt / dbt / other might be better first up after meds.... Again tho' Perhaps there is no right or wrong in this one... It's more about pacing what you take on.... Not jamming too much in too soon... Particularly if your still absorbing where you are at.


11-18-13, 12:18 PM
We are using play attention with great success and they have programs for adults. You may want to look into it. A lot less expensive

10-08-18, 01:59 AM
A few years late it seems. I did it, I love it. I would highly reccomend it.