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11-10-13, 04:37 AM
I joined these forums several years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at eight, and it was very helpful. It's been a long time, but now she's been on a trial of trileptal that has been going very well for her; and while the diagnosis isn't official, I'm thinking she does have bipolar. So I am back to learn more again. One of my questions is if it is possible to have both ADHD and bipolar, do they make each other worse?

There is a family history, my grandmother and one of my uncles had/have bipolar, I have major depressive disorder; and I believe my late husband had bipolar, though again I don't think it was properly diagnosed. He responded well to lamictal and not very well to antidepressants. Wellbutrin even made him violent.

I had done some brief research on bipolar, since I knew my family history and thought my husband had it; but what I didn't see in my daughter was the mania or even hypomania. The doctor has told me though, that her rages can be a form of mania, which I hadn't realized. She also had the classic ADHD symptoms, hyperactivity, lack of impulse control, lack of executive function etc. And the stimulants did help a lot for her, though too high a dose of Strattera made her rage worse.

I was worried a bit about taking her off the stimulants, her impulsivity was so bad she would attack other people; but for the last five months she has taken only the trileptal and the low dose of Strattera, and the results are very good. She says school is much easier and for the very first time this year I had a parent-teacher conference which was about actual classwork rather than her behavior. She is a happier child and the symptoms I had thought were ADHD are much improved over even what the stimulants did for her. Her social behavior and class behavior are improving so that the other kids don't avoid her. And that, whatever the diagnosis, is the desirable result, a better life for her.

Now I am thinking her nine-year-old brother, who also has a diagnosis of ADHD might have bipolar too. His rages are worse than hers were, if less long lasting; and he doesn't have the ODD that she did either. I need to talk to the doctor about him, I am still mulling it over in my head; his rages have improved as he's gotten older. I suppose one of the things I want to learn is if it is possible to diagnose him so early, and if the medicines are safe for someone his age.

So, rambled a lot there. I am here to talk and learn, it never seems to stop.

11-10-13, 05:01 AM
We don't call it rambling here... we call it sharing :)

Welcome back, I hope your able to shed some light on your concerns.

Yes, it is possible to have both. Though it can be quite complex to assess and treat. Bi-Polar can very closely mimic ADHD or depression+frustration+adhd can mimic bipolar... plus a few other combinations in the mix.

Some other members can shed some more light on this... Do you have a good psych? Hormones at various ages ( pre 27 ) can throw a lot of complexity on the mix too...

It's great they have someone so interested and willing to investigate :) How are you coping?

11-10-13, 03:35 PM
I like the psych, and we are making progress, so that's good.

Right now, the coping with the kids is doing well, they are all doing better; and I am very glad my daughter is doing so much better, both for her sake and for the sake of my two boys. Thank you :)