View Full Version : Poem: Rotten Apple

11-11-13, 11:31 AM
Catering to the healthy
Pens and pencils, marks with markers
Grades enslave our apprehension, our attention
Stealthy, we try and hide only to realize

Our incarceration, GPA’s and expectations
Of warmth which comes from within
Frozen, bold, in class we repeat
Mindless, Thoughtless, Timeless, Endlessly

Money goes to Money, pills go to the ill
Jittering, shaking my body cannot take this
Hell, fear and shame embrace us
Hell, speak up, write down, pages that contain us

Normal is normal, what we all should strive for
My ideas are skewed, broken, beyond repair
I’ll sit and share, trapped beyond the stares
Eyes like knifes, underrated, I cannot take this

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?
Nothing sounds more wrong, for a wound cannot heal, cannot feel
The emotion, the tolls, self-inflicted, self-restricted
Make me stronger? Makes me bitter, sicker, makes me wanna leave here.