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11-11-13, 11:33 AM

I need to help my ADHD child learn. I am looking for recommendations on books that will help me how to do this so that education is not torture for her.


11-11-13, 01:50 PM

I suggest you read the post's in Dizfriz's Corner. It is a sticky on most of they parent forums and is a great place to start to understand ADHD. It is very individual so they better you understand, the better you can help your child.

Some details would be helpful. How old is she? What specifically is she having problems with? Is she diagnosed? What have you tried as far as accomodations and how successful was it? Is she medicated?

11-11-13, 02:35 PM
There was an article posted here just yesterday, something like "the top 20 things parents need to know" - very good stuff - here it is:

11-17-13, 05:11 PM
I have mentioned the following techniques in previous posts, but I will elaborate a bit more in this post as to why I recommend these methods. Please note that this is only my personal view.

As study skills probably come naturally to a lot of students it is unlikely that teachers will necessarily feel the need to teach study skills explicitly.

My honest opinion is that personally speaking I would have found these particular techniques very helpful as a primary/high school student but unfortunately only came across them in my early 30's.

Anyway, initially read through the following newspaper articles to get the context of the documentary that follows, why it was made and hopefully its possible relevance to an adhd audience. ( (

Then, watch the following snippets on youtube from the documentary. Unfortunately the video quality doesn't seem particularly good, the videos cut out about halfway through and initially have a somewhat promotional quality. Ignore this and watch the complete videos.

1st part. (

2nd part. (

There is no 3rd part.

If you find the content of the documentary interesting, the relevant study
skills can be researched easily on the internet as well as books written regarding these techniques written specifically for kids.

Also, here are some revision techniques aimed at schoolkids.

I genuinely hope this helps:).