View Full Version : Poem: Status Quo

11-12-13, 09:33 AM
It's not the status quo you know,
these little things that come and go
How do you know these things you see,
are to be or not to be ;)

Keen to watch and make reaction,
how can that lead to satisfaction?
You listen close as if it's true,
they are just words, which are not you.

You take this fleeting noise inside,
you fill your mind with others pride.
Beneath this trash, you've kept and stored,
is where your efforts should explore.

You are not the things that others say,
can you hear the voice that want's to play?
You are not your body, your not your talk,
your something else, it's time to walk.

These things around us, there not the goal,
prepare a feast and feed your soul,
Takes nothing more than setting out,
don't be afraid to let it out.

And when you find it thanks you back,
that's how you'll know that your on track.
So forget the things you think you know,
It's the status quo, that has to go.

11-13-13, 08:55 AM
The things in you are there for show,
To breathe I sought, yet could barely blow.
Let alone, could I inhale,
I set a path for me to fail.

So your the alter, dude that came,
you took my face, you took my name.
You made it so the inner me
was not out there, for all to see.

But all is mute and I know why.
I know the clouds, I love the sky.
I feel the rain, I touch the earth,
Rewind be back, before my birth.

You sheilded me when i had no way,
I brought you in and let you stay.
We danced the tune of status quo my bro,
but now's the time to let you go.

12-05-13, 01:18 PM
We come along with simple needs,
we begin and do, no try... no greed.

We join to share, for love we seek,
we live by will, no twist nor tweak.

The source of all that's brought to bare,
lives in the things with which we share.

Lift your torch, high as it can go.
Fuelled with love, project your the glow.

The final thing we need to know...
There's no such thing as status quo.