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11-12-13, 12:44 PM
I chose this section of the forum to share this due to it mentioning some of the religious buzz words and it not having peer reviewed work attached to it.

Those things tend to really ruffle some feathers and create unnecessary hostility in trying to share elsewhere, especially in the philosophical section of the science thread. But I'm hoping it still fetches some folks willing to listen to it all the way through.

It really resonates with me and makes so much sense how it can really mess with our brains and continue to cause issues.

Thanks for your time. If you wish to respond in a negative tone, or in a condescending manner, please simply change the channel and move along.

I hope I presented the link correctly since it's a blog radio site.

****The video on the site does contain graphic details that will be difficult for some and may trigger unpleasant issues.****