View Full Version : What's the next step if antidepressants don't work and the depression gets worse?

11-12-13, 08:02 PM
Does anyone know? What if antidepressants simply do not work at all? What do doctors do then? Add antipsychotics or say you need to go to a mental hospital full time?
But I wouldn't want to do that and besides this going to such a hospital would make me feel worse cause it would be totally depressing there, like being in a normal hospital only worse.
It's not like vacation where you have a nice hotel room and feel good.

I feel like I can't really be totally honest about how depressed I am to my doc cause I'm scared that he'd simply suggest checking in for a few weeks but this wouldn't help me at all. I know that. It would be like prison hell. I absolutely hate hospitals not to speak of mental hospitals. But I'm sure that this suggestion would come up cause this is what doctors do they always simply search for a quick solution. Like: Come for a few weeks and you'll feel better.
But this wouldn't change anything. I am depressed cause I am physically sick and because I have tons of issues in life and no friends at all. Going to a mental clinic wouldn't change any of that. I'd come home and everything would be as sucky as before no problems would have gone away.

For me even leaving the house is depressing. Today I had to go out and drive somewhere. Even this totally dragged me down. I had so many thoughts of hopelessness come in because I felt so awful outside of the house in the daylight because I have eye floaters. Even going out when it's bright totally depresses me because of the floaters. And the floaters are only one of my many sicknesses. I have so many things wrong with me it's ridiculous. I really don't think that there are many who could be me and not also be totally hopeless. :(
My doc also never asks me about such things. I only once mentioned that I'm sick. He never really got into it. I wish I could just talk a bit about this but he never asks. Also what should he tell me? Something like hey buddy it's not that bad? No. It is bad. I know it. I am the one who knows how bad it is. Others don't know it. Others have no damn clue how depressing it is to be me. :(

I just drunk some wine and then fell asleep for a short time and then I woke up and felt incredibly depressed and anxious. It's this kind of feeling where you feel as if you're losing your mind. I have had this before and usually I get it when I wake up during night and can't sleep anymore because of being so distressed. It's not like a panic attack but it's still acute. Actually I thought that alcohol would also help against anxiety. My doc once told me that alcohol hits the same receptors in the brain as benzos. But it seems to be very possible to still get anxiety even when drinking alcohol.

What if there simply is no antidepressant which can help me? What if it simply is too bad? I mean I'm not irrational. I wish I was. I cant convince myself it's not that bad. I experience how bad it is every day. Like I said even leaving the house during the day is torture to me. How can anyone tell me it's not bad? I really envy those people who only have depression or social anxiety. They can have hope. They only need to fix their depression and then everything is fine.

11-12-13, 08:17 PM
Which ones have you tried? If you've tried fewer than half the ones I did, it's way too early to be worried.

11-12-13, 08:44 PM
I tried celexa,remeron,wellbutrin,agomelatine.
I haven't dared to try a SNRI because they have such a bad rep when it comes to stopping them. I dont want to get on something which can cause so much trouble when you want to get off it. This is too scary. I mean I need to function. I cannot afford to stay at home 6 months in case I get withdrawal. I needed to be functionable and get the depression under control now cause the depression is interfering with me studying. Finding an antidepressant in a few years doesn't help me cause I needed it as soon as possible.

11-12-13, 11:33 PM
You may have bipolar. Bpii is hard to catch. It's mostly depression with bouts of hypomania.

11-13-13, 01:41 AM
calcal: The essential item for your personal success with medication is that you be willing to try things that your doctor recommends, and stop working so hard to find reasons to refuse this and refuse that. The nearly-random hearsay evidence (e.g. "I heard this type of drugs are bad news so I'm not going near them) that is guiding your choices is not serving you well.

11-13-13, 01:44 AM
It's kind of like if your doctor keeps refusing to put you on anti-depressants.

Drinking can makes me anxious too. At least, agitated.

11-13-13, 01:46 AM
calcal: The essential item for your personal success with medication is that you be willing to try things that your doctor recommends, and stop working so hard to find reasons to refuse this and refuse that. The nearly-random hearsay evidence (e.g. "I heard this type of drugs are bad news so I'm not going near them) that is guiding your choices is not serving you well.

I'd like to add, and this is kinda personal but: I got put in a mental hospital before, one reason being that they thought I wasn't taking my meds.

So, it might be good to be compliant and take your meds.

I'm just really worried about you, calcal. It is obvious that nothing *we* say is going to stop your fears, or stop you from finding something to fear. Please, just follow and trust your doctor - trust that they know what they're doing - and seek treatment because it is obvious from your posts that you need treatment and honestly you deserve the best and hate to see you struggle so much.


11-13-13, 02:24 AM
calcal: About the title of this thread ("What's the next step if...")

You are in a tough spot right now. You really do need to deal with your immediate problems, today, and you cannot afford the self-indulgent luxury of gazing into the crystal ball. Nobody can predict the future well enough to answer this question; and the reason for the question (you want to solve your problems another way) is simply a fantasy.

Stop playing "the What-If Game". Stop putting off treatment. Start your official treatment, according to your doctor's wishes, today.

11-13-13, 02:53 AM
If anti-depressants don't work at all then join a laughter club. Try searching for laughter club in your area. Then later maybe you can start laughing with your family.

11-13-13, 09:39 AM
Hi everyone,

no I'm not bipolar. I'm not hypomanic. I'd know if I was. Sometimes I think isn't bipolar better than depressed? I mean at least you have some highs. I only have lows.

How can you trust a doctor when it comes to meds? The doctor can impossibly know if you get side effects or withdrawal. What about all the people on the internet complaining about effexor and cymbalta? They all trusted their doctors and then ended up worse. Especially with psychopharmaceuticals it's totally uncertain what will happen. I am scared of going on something and then ending up even worse. I already said I needed to be functionable NOW. Not in 2 years. Now. I have exams next year which everything depends on and which I'm totally scared of. That's why I even started with the antidepressants cause I hoped they would help. Once the exams are over then it doesn't matter if I find a good antidepressant or not. I can't start a new antidepressant without knowing what could happen when the exams are really close. No way. This is way too risky. What if I end up a mess and then ruin the exams?

My doc suggested lyrica even thought he knows I'm a student and need my brain. To me this suggestion seemed very questionable cause lyrica is known to dumb people down. So much about trusting your doctor.

11-13-13, 02:31 PM
Withdrawal is usually made significantly easier by lowering your dose slowly while simultaneously increasing the dose of a different medication. If you take a medication as prescribed and tell the doctor how it affects you, that's one of the best ways for the doctor to determine whether you need a different dose or a different medication - and which medication that might be. Your response to one medication holds a lot of clues as to what might work better, probably more than anything you had going on in your initial evaluation.

It was because I tried what my doctor suggested that I learned that I need to avoid all medications that target the H1 and H2 receptors, no matter how appropriate they might seem for my condition. If I hadn't tried them, I wouldn't have ever reached the stage of getting prescriptions that work.

11-14-13, 01:40 PM
But if you want to withdraw from a benzo and at the same time start taking a different benzo then you're still taking benzos. Or do you mean you take something other than a benzo if you want to get off it?