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03-08-05, 12:49 PM
Hello! I have been reading now for about 2 years. BIG step to post. Like all before me...I knew I wasnt like "everyone" else. Long story short, after reading on here in the beginning I went for the big one - getting diagnosed. Went to a psychologist, testing - he never seen (in his words) anyone with such a tangled web. HA! Well, he couldnt prescribe meds, med doctor laughed it off, and I begin to feel as if it wasnt meant to be. Doctors wouldnt help.
Then, I decided to go to a psychiatrist. He immediately put me on stattera. It helped, but did nothing for my wandering mind (or should I say ping pong ball). He was going to change my meds to adderall and lexapro, but lo and behold I got sick and had to go back to my md. He changed everything due to other meds. Panic Attacks, Cholesterol, and others. YIKES! Well, still not being treated. I am going to go bak to my psych doctor.
Is anyone tired of being labeled? Labeled by society, labeled by insurance, and while I am at it tired of paying sky high insurance that you cant changed because of your label? Guess I need to get off my rant.

By the way...for those that say they forget to eat...I can only hope to one day forget to eat :)

Anyone got a bulldozer? Thats what it will take to clean my messes up.

Thanks for listening.
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03-08-05, 01:41 PM
Hi and welcome to the Forums :)

03-20-06, 11:39 PM
Welcome to the Forum:)

03-20-06, 11:49 PM
Glad you finally posted...welcome!!

03-20-06, 11:57 PM
Am I looking at the wrong year of the posting? :) Time flies.