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11-14-13, 01:49 PM
All Systems Go

Separated by the Ages
Contagious, broken bones and hollow sages
Tell us, direct us, to overrated, exaggerated
Lies to control, words to fulfill
Prophesized, in my eyes, people to care, people to dare

Wake up, Shake up, your daily routine
Think straight, eradicate your daily canteen
Soothes you, numbs you, ignores the facts
Closed doors to tracks whose mantra lacks
Proper cognition, etiquette and predisposition

Ghost stories and tall tales
Bring us together, while leaving a hole
Big enough, small enough to raise but a brow
Strong enough, weak enough to maintain their ways

Laws and codes, systematic overload
Yet no one notices the surge, our purge
Mankind is not readily prepared
For the curtain to fall—for us to fall.