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11-14-13, 06:51 PM
the flowers rise
the flowers fall
they share a moment of beauty with us all
they teach us to live
and show us we die
they give us beauty
for a moment in time
the people dance and praise the beauty
but the beauty is a lie
the truth is the beauty
and the truth is that all beauty dies
one moment in time
a moment of happiness
and a moment to decide
a moment of truth
and a moment of lies
its what gives us beauty and its what gives us lies
we are meant to choose
to live or to die
to give truth a chance
or to truely die
to love a moment so beauitul in its time
or spend our life
chasing dreams that only lead to lies

11-16-13, 10:24 PM
I took a picture
caught a glimpse of myself
I wrote a letter and tried to conjure what I felt
I made a temple
I thought I built
but in the end
it was only myself

11-16-13, 10:27 PM
Pass the sugar Pass the salt
give me praise feed me faults
spare me a question or two
and wake me up from this dream you bloomed
a meals in the fire
take part in what you desire
Never mind your heart
it's just art
put the words to the page
to express your melancholy and your rage
or another sad story
that's left us all snoring
it's been done
and we're all so boring
nothing left to tell of me and you
but we'll consume
till we're drunk but sober
tear the page in two and start over
pass the sugar
pass the salt

11-16-13, 10:29 PM
you should consider it
before you consider this
you should consider that
before you consider it
you should consider me
before you consider you
and when we drink
you should consider to think
and when we dine
you should consider the wine
before you whine
before you scream
at me
before you take the time
from me
before you rip another piece of me
consider this
consider that
consider yourself
and where you are at
consider the words I said
before you consider the anger in your head
consider the words you never say
consider the silence you speak every day
before you stop, and say
I hurt you
I hurt you with words of spite
consider the things you didn't do right
you never said
the words that floated inside your head
consider it and think for a moment
before you point the finger of blame
consider your heart and your shame
consider what you did
before you say what i've done
Consider who is really wrong
consider who is really to blame
before you wag your finger of shame
consider yourself a monster
before you label me as one
consider what you did and not just what i've done
consider you a poison
selfish and arrogant
consider that
before you consider me
and consider whats inside you're heart
so maybe one day
you will see
and one day you will scream
at yourself instead of everyone else
consider the others you point at
and learn to be considerate
consider this and consider that
and then maybe one day you will be considerate

11-16-13, 10:30 PM
guns blaze bullets raze and the tables turn as the eyes are dazed
you're looking standing staring in the haze of the maze
searching for that thing you left behind, as the tables turn trying to rewind the time
memory serves only half as well, inside this hell, full of babel full of ********
you sink in it, creating your truths of truce, your justice you dare not loose,
it's your muse, your painter whose colors are black and white,
creating a two toned, twisted, reality
you feel frail, as the prison rots around you in your jail,
you scream a little, you cry and you mumble
you look for a way out but none are found
you try to find where the truth is bound
but it's buried deep beneath your mound
all the ******** you plant in the ground
waiting, stewing and serving up more ****
you try to remember as you try to forget
you try to give what you know you'll regret
and all the while you're sinking deeper,
in your holy ****

11-16-13, 10:33 PM
The only tyrant I know of is me,
i'm the master of my own tyranny,
A slave who is free but chose slavery,
I'm the holder of the keys and my salvation's thief,
the one who deprives myself of all relief
I am the tyrant who chooses tyranny,
Using fear as a means to chain me.
Only my soul can I save,
because I am the master
and the slave,
to my own tyranny,
but only a tyrant can ever be free,
I am the slave who denies his right to tyranny
I am the tyrant who sold his crown for slavery
there is no one else to blame for my chains but me
I am the only one who can set me free

11-16-13, 10:34 PM
carry your cross and sing me a song
show me your scars and ill sing along
build me an alter
fit for heaven
send me an angel, one of the eleven
tell me the stories that you know so well
drift with me and we shall drink of hell
give me a piece of you
and ill gladly swallow
tell me the truth, that remains true yet hollow
tell me your words, and don't leave a scar
tell me your emotions and feeling and heart
spill all that is mine, for you,
leave your blood and yourself shattered in two
take what is mine from you
and take what is mine I do
till all that remains is all that you are
a shadow of a man,
with nothing but a scar

11-16-13, 10:41 PM
You Can keep your immortality and Jesters of truths
you can keep that which you fear to lose
you can keep your art, books and poetry too
you can send your songs away and distractions of distaste
you can try to tell me who I am and what I'm not
you can try and show me what I know and what I got
as I slowly rot
you can tell me what i'm losing and all I have to gain
give me more reasons then you would care to explain
and never see what I truely got
something you never thought
something you never sought
something that looked broken and torn
something you thought had no right to be born
but who are you to give me a price tag on my soul?
I have no intention to sell it
so why should I determine its worth and value?
Something you could never see
as you kept yours in a cage
you try to show me what I need
and haven't got
you point at my body as it rots
you try to set a price tag on my thoughts
a value you never got
I am worth more then all those things
plain and simple
because I've still got my soul and with it free thought
i'll burn to dust in this world
but i'll kindly leave with my soul
while you still run chasing dreams and things that will never be done
while you wage wars never won
while you search the world empty in your need
chasing your greed
and failing to see
what was there all along
you just forgot
you forgot to see what you got
while you chased green grass
trying to fill that hole that was once your soul
and on that day you die it will consume you all
you searched but never could find
because it was right there within you the entire time

11-16-13, 11:25 PM
Take art seriously
Take life as a joke
Mostly, if anything
Reflect on who you are
And laugh at what you can do
Take in life
Like chicken soup
And swear by the words you see
When it's taken in bitterly
Swear this thing you feel
Is real
Don't let go of what you know
When they try so hard to take it away
And put it on display for show
When the words you'd swear by,
Die by
Have become a cliché line
A catch phrase
To the answer of the day
Something to say when you pray
Maybe today
Maybe yesterday

11-16-13, 11:27 PM
The only tyrant I know of is me,
i'm the master of my own tyranny,
A slave who is free but chose slavery,
I'm the holder of the keys and my salvation's thief,
the one who deprives myself of all relief
I am the tyrant who chooses tyranny,
Using fear as a means to chain me.
Only my soul can I save,
because I am the master
and the slave,
to my own tyranny,
but only a tyrant can ever be free,
I am the slave who denies his right to tyranny
I am the tyrant who sold his crown for slavery
there is no one else to blame for my chains but me
I am the only one who can set me free

12-11-13, 12:50 AM
Tomorrow comes and fades and then its done
You, you try to run but its already come
Suns shining bright eyes can only see white
The worlds been asleep far too long
Best to grab yourself and move on
Because its a new day with a new dawn
Chances will go and they will come
But not for long
A short ticket to a long song
Breathe and take each as your last one
Because today has come

12-11-13, 12:53 AM
Latrine graphine, an elegant thing, forgotten forgiveness, a moment too late. Punches and purses crawl through the ground. Temples and fortresses scattered around
maypoles dash our brain.clogging our arteries andtwisting our veins. Marked for merchandising and sale. Salivate the appetite for tomorrow is unveiled. Undue whats done until dead greed is gone. Or wear the mark of the beast to come. Shatter the dream with words so obscene, they only exist in the crevices and crawl spaces. Words come and burn out but the ideas are immortal and churning up palatable. Grey sidewalks dawn new graphiti, and with it we take back our city

12-11-13, 12:56 AM
Liars and thieves give me what I need
Cockroaches are always there for me to feed
A hand casts a seed
But where does it go?
Tomorrow ill know

12-11-13, 12:58 AM
So much of life is so much of what we are not. Asked to become to be, to see what others see and ignore what it means. We are given pills and told we are ill. We swallow truth like poison by the mouthfuls. We are uninspired liars that set fire to our hearts desires. So much of us is given away. But wouldnt it be great, to hold onto yourself, be honest just for chase the things not logical but that mean so much today. To know why it is you speak and what it is you speak for. Rather than smile and lay waste to your dreams. If you could be this just for a while than maybe tomorrow you'd really smile

12-11-13, 01:13 AM
Pages and books are my friends, its the closest thing to a tree I can find in this city I cant stand Men mind nothing and no one, their hands are trembling under the spotlit sun. A frown worn by everyone, as the gallows lie empty. Men work and slave their whole life in search of a smile. Crowds gather around anyone who can make them smile. Not realizing the logic of their flaw. The heat has come and dust is rising. Cold steel rises as new temples fall. Planets are born and babble tempts us all. The maggots line up at the cemetery mall. The short sided whisper carves out its place in the bathroom stall.
Candles light our way in this sleepy dark castle. The crowds will shake stare and mumble but none can speak. All are too tired and weak. Change is their virtues deliverence. But coins have plummeted and now your value is in creases of paper
The sound of irony is only silenced by my laughter
trees are now man kinds only master

12-11-13, 01:20 AM
Tune out the white noise
And hear the voice
The void echoes
The vacant calls
The breaths are taken in the hollows
The worst tears are thoughts
The void rots
And all ive got are empty thoughts
Hell isnt cold its hot
Heaven is not

01-29-14, 03:43 PM
Tomorrow came and tomorrow died. Given to be born given to fly. Just when you looked up and thought you saw the sky, the light came and passed you by. Now you're left sitting holding hands and wondering why. An eternal moan gives way to a collective sigh. Beauty to behold is held and then left to die. You may seek to mourn and you may think to cry, but tomorrow comes and the light shines on alive. Freedom doesnt care for stability, it only seeks to fly. Tomorrow comes leaving you time to decide. Uncover your heart and open your eyes. Look up once more and see the sky. Some dreams once believed, can never die

02-22-14, 10:33 PM
I can see you, even now, its just like the day she died. I watched as you couldn't cry. You thought it was brave, but I was ashamed to watch you hide.
Now, even as you try, they rob you of your pride. Its a funny thing to think how I was afraid. Feels like yesterday. I never understood you but I can hear you now
Your voice once was loud
So proud. Now I can only hear the mechanical sounds. The wires
I can see the shame in your eyes as they took away your light
Though you are alone you would probably still hide if you could hide.
As you have always done, just like the day she died
I often wonder if you have any regrets?
Perhaps the day we met or the day I left.
Suddenly it seems I can hear you inspite of your voice being so quiet, in spite I do too
You've been through hell and back again I wonder if hell was kind to you
Though it hurts I can feel compassion and anger. My god will I always be so angry, how can I be so happy to be the angry one? Even now, I feel a fire in brew arethro in bloom. Shadows will consume. Hard hands cracked and torn. Had a heavy head the day I was born, though you Held it high. Perhaps that was why you chose to hide. Its hard to gain and lose just to watch what you love die. Maybe thats why you bled me dry. Maybe thats it.
Whatever it is I now am the one holding your head up as your spirit whithers and dies. Perhaps this is love, if so should I be like you? Pretend there is nothing I can do. Even as the light will illuminate. Suffering is too easy, to care is an act of faith that leaves our wounds spilled open. Bleeding out from scars that may come. A serpants tongue may fall upon our ears but should I listen? Should I give in, and let sin pass on, from a proud father to a forgotten son.anguish seeks but one. Nothing is unborn, nothing can be undone. Even now I can hear your eyes whisper, in spite of my tears, you're sorry. For the first time in my life I know fear but I wont hide.

03-10-14, 12:33 AM
Dig in the well we all choose to believe in
What lays before you is a smiling sin
Bury a burden as deep as you can
Whisper the name of what might've couldve been
Theres an echo called empty
And it's ringin again
Whisper what is written
Whether you can hear the smiling pen
Fix your eye so deeply, on what could've might've been
Write with fingers cold as steel and as fragile as tin
Burden is a heavy heart that wont ever forgive,
Smiling with teeth grinding something so grim
Tip your hat to the idols that would've, could've might have been
Stamp your approval and bury the pen
Theres a well called empty and it's rising from the sand
fade and smile at what you can no longer pretend
A thought is replaced with a maybe as the page comes to an end

03-12-14, 06:52 AM
A pretty piece? Give me peace and let my patience be. Lets all see what can come of it what can be? Swear by it. Bull ****. Make up for the ****** up. Sip the supple taste, the delicateness of bull ****. The wearing worn. The unrighteous born are bored. The road to happiness is paved with gold. Bull ****.

03-12-14, 07:05 AM

Dance and dine on fingers so supine
Splitting open your mind to see what treasures are their to find. Took a sip of blood I thought was wine. Courtesy stands for none. Nothing and no one, what is can not be undone. Please empty faces with a soft pleasant smile. What became has come. Destroyed by life and light. Oppose the truth with every stroke of a knife.

03-12-14, 07:16 AM
Beautiful random
Cretin canvas
Unkempt clothes
Liquid ashes fill my cup
Cant quite see or look up
Sip sanity from a tv screen
Took everything they took outta me
Now theres nothin left
Whether it leaves you bereft makes little difference to me.
If I died and awakened whats the difference to see?
Shame me twice and dont see the lice in your food
chew till it mutes your mood.
Whatever mattered to me meant nothin to you.
Words were passed over till you saw me fall and weighed your shoulds on my shoulders.
Head strong wont lead me wrong
atleast im heart stricken
even as your blood boils and thickens.
Greet the less greedy with contempt and brood.
Whatever it means to me never meant a damn to you

03-12-14, 07:24 AM
My graffiti:

What would happiness without people be? It'd be free

Do chains hold the man or does the man hold the chains?

Can pain persist if it cant be perceived or does the lack of perception to pain only amplify its presence?

Are the 7 deadly sins really sins or our inspiration for living?

What would the world be without people...happy.

Do scholars read or seek to hide?

Does tomorrow bring happiness, or can it be found in this moment?

Can individuality be bought?

Do electrons know they are being watched?

What happens to a computer when it's turned off?

Can self importance over come reality?

Do actions cause destruction or the thought that preceeded them?

Do people know that love means control?

Do Hamsters know what side of the cage they are on?

Does greed create life, or does life create greed?

03-12-14, 07:44 AM
The old master peace is given a false crown.
For fear of his majesty the burning sun.
But the masters spirit finally moved on.
And the peoples sorrows had now just begun

03-12-14, 07:45 AM
I looked into the devils eyes
I saw truth, sorrow and lies
And carried a burden so heavy I could only despise
I saw within me new life and empty promises that became just another desguise

03-12-14, 07:56 AM
Lock your doors and hide your hearts
Guard your children and play your part
The monster lives next door.
He is asking for less but tomorrow he'll want more.
He tells you on the screen that hes there for you he's there for me.
As he kills your son and rapes your daughter.
He speaks of family values
That family matters.
His words are just music a tune he hums.
He talks of peace and beats his drum.
Lock your doors as you wait for war
He'll take your son march him to war
give him a gun
tell him to shoot
But not what he's fighting for.
Lock your door
The monster always wants more

03-12-14, 08:09 AM
Voice mutters, stop shop to mutter, utter ignorance. Six pence for penance. Shame the alter,, where I end up is a falter, bare with me as I barter back my soul. Whatever that is, ill trade, more shiny things come my way. Uninspirational inspiration, compassion needs a friend, sit with me and breathe as it comes to an end. Put a taste in my mouth, as I scream and you shout. Heard an echo that I thought was doubt
Climb the mountain, carry a cain a cross the way, an act of faith is an act of sufferin. Dont trust no one that never did nothin. Burn a mark in my eye, give me back my heaven and my sky. Leave me alone, let dead men cry

03-12-14, 08:19 AM
It's almost done
It could be a holy light but we need a prodigal son.
Give our eyes to him because only then can we see
only then can we see him
Take off our ears, give them to him, because only then can we hear him
Now we imagine his being
Now we can hear him
Now we must kill him
Because only then can we feel him.
It's almost done.
Our prodigal son

03-12-14, 08:29 AM
Picking up the pieces to reshape them
Spoke of life as if I had known
Spoke of truth as If I had been shown
I am a failure to behold
A testament to my mold
A shaper and a whithered soul
Put my pen down and lace a forgotten crown
King of crows and places so unknown
Proud of my unaccomplished goals
Speak as though I had a soul
I am only a shadow, to the pieces that fell long ago
Shattered and irreparable
They tell myself so
I am a king in beggar's clothes
Where I came is where I will go

03-12-14, 08:32 AM
Wonder is a drug.
Experience is reality.
Pain is enlightening.
Heaven is dying.
The world is frightening.

03-12-14, 08:48 AM
Two eyes stand looking. One eye turns to the left the other to the right. Opposition on all sides. Claims another useless eye. Breaking empty, sympathy became an over rated dream. Weighted to the weight of a memory. Tortured and tattered. Breaking skin from bone. Where I stand im all alone. Forward on we march on. Cant sing a tune when you wont sing along. What was once right now seems wrong. Whatever it was, is dead and gone.

Crumble and fall to the hands that call. The works will shine ever brighter as the sun shines ever colder. Blinding sun gives way to blind truth. It captures our minds and consumes our moods

dead men rise and your skin turns inside. Hands are shaking, faces are smiling while crying. Stuck in change, past is present and present is deranged. There was a dream arranged by rage, Clever it was, Whatever it was, was just a flesh made cage.

03-12-14, 08:59 AM
Iron knives swing by to the drum of a swarm of flies. Jagged edges give rise to a smooth complexion andmechanical cries. Chemical creases give way to will and crafted steel. Iron flesh meets plastic bone Thats shaped to the splendor of majestic chrome. Packed and dressed in styro foam. Made of the best to hopefully be given a home. Eagerly waiting to be bought and sold. As time moves by and this master piece is forgotten in foam. Put on sale and eventually grew old. Gave everything it could to be of use to someone. Now left in the dark cold. Waiting to fill another empty hole. Its majestic splendor and comfort is quickly crumbled just as easy as it was assemebled. Though it committed no crime but that of being humble. The world quickly forgets this useful individual. Until the days when old comforts break down. And the burning sorrow renews interest in the masters crown, but the piece is gone, burned to the ground

03-12-14, 09:02 AM
Saw a box, but not what it contained. A key to my finger tips that rests within my veins. What it means I can not say. Im far to terrified, far too afraid of what it could contain. A memorial of my shame? A search for something? Or worse, just nothing? Cant accept that or anything. And so here I stay. Me and my box, I intend to open maybe some day

03-12-14, 09:07 AM
Cocaine..cocaine...cherry flavored cocaine. Bad for the heart but good for the brain. Cherry flavoring, hides the tooth decay. Sugar sweet and fun to eat, let em melt in your mouth, hands and veins.

Your only rich if you got day..say it again. Tell me how it ends. Sugar coated wall, shiny razor blades doing time in the mirror, catching everything but your blood and tears. Work for this, die in bliss, its a paradise, hidden only for us, just as long as we've got cocaine. Method to our madness, get away with anything. Took a hit of snow to sing. Dance in the blizzard storms that took away our shelter but thats okay, because we got cocaine, cocaine cherry flavored cocaine. Made for monkeys, and patented by arms dealers. Your only happy if you got one more thing, now lets repackage it and give it a name

03-12-14, 09:19 AM
Welcome to the 21st century.
Logic has been.
Replaced with greed.
Upgraded our integrity for something better.
All is given to deceive the naive.
Live like kings without a thought.
Think not, as you horde all you know and all you got.
Fill the emptyness inside your head.
Fill it with hatred and play the victim.
Responsible to persecute our fellow man for our sins that stain our hands.
Sharp and sweet, the teeth sink in.
The future is uncertain but we know its grim.
hands and feet shuffle toward the meat that is churned spewed out
and half dead.
The brains are rotting
smell the empty flesh
tarnished by their head.
Madness isnt just an idea its a way of living for the dead.
A subtle relief to wash ourselves clean.
With bloody finger tips
we reach
to grip an idea
a void thats come over.
We fell asleep long before the angel of death passed over.
We shall inherit the dirt and with it all its mirth.
Welcome to the 21st century earth

03-12-14, 09:30 AM
Capture an idea as though it were gold.
Dont know it, but you package it to be sold.

Give it a pretty image, a label a price tag to think like that. Selling a philosophy as an idea.

Turn your ear, open your pockets and tears. Holding onto an idol, crafting it from plastic presence and peers.

Certain ascendance burns waiting for you. The thinkers are all pennyless as the thoughtless turn a profit

What it means, will cost a dollar or two. Creativity is gone and given to few. It's a rare commodity that gets fed from a spoon.

We pay to share it. Think it. Or wear it.

Should we see what was taken from it?

Would we take back what was ours to begin with?

Can you own a philosophy or an idea?
Can you copyright it?
Can they censor us, silence us by laws that take whats already given to us.

To think is no longer free, so speak carefully because someone may already own the rights to all that you think and all that you see, till one day there's a barcode on you and on me.

You are no longer in the land of the just or the land of the free

That'll be 99 cents please

03-12-14, 09:45 AM
Cant remember yesterday
Only have a dollar in my pocket and a face with a name
Cant quite explain
Though I could try, it'd just pass me by
Though ive lost my mind, im content never to find, the memories that I left behind
Id rather just let it be, and be free as a shadow, moving through life as quietly as I came
With nothing but the wind at my back and a face with a name

03-19-14, 03:51 PM
Regards to what it means

It's an angry rant that got ****** out, bottled and brewed.
It's a logoed shirt, something to wear with a mohawk and chain tattoo.
Something to hum in church with a mouth full of food
Something to steal on your guitar because you are one of the creative few
It's hate candy with a side of brandy for the self infatuated non comformist... conformist
The ones that hide in their shell as a means to rebel.
It's a prayer for the insane, a thought for the deranged and a wet dream for the paranoid inane
a mantra for the self righteously obscene
It's a mode of living
and a thought for the speaking idiot
but it's pure ******** for the literate

03-30-14, 12:47 PM
Somewhere in hell theres a price to remand
Somewhere in hell my soul is waiting among the damned
Breathing to breathe in
Takeing to take in
Holding to hold in
Catch a taste of life
When all it meant felt significant
Enough to believe in
A corporal lie became a corporal sin
Transference is standing
Emptying out the middle
To reveal a line thats blurred by suffering
Truth is a board thats been bent
it came and went
A Taste of bitter is savored bitterly
Sour is the taste of pain
sweet is the hour, thats savored
The famine has come again
tomorrow a future that's banned to believe in
the conscience is already hiding and gone.
Give me a reason to move on.
A thought to taste on the tip of my tongue.
Heard you were laughing at everything I am and was
Give me then a sliver for a silver tongue
A thought to believe in as you wipe the planks from your eyes.
Take from me truth and leave me lies. They can frame my future but not my sky
if I choose to believe in little more than just my eyes
Relief is so close I can almost taste it.
Though the door is closed I catch an ember between my hands
It casts a shadow, a stranger to rise from the sand
In this moment I whisper a prayer, one that you can barely hear
Let chance change past experiences
misfortunes may give me one final prayer.
Are you even listening? can you hear? Because I'm still there.
Bring me back from the depths of despair,
pull me back from limbo, teach my eyes to hear
Give me more than apathy and more than fear
Let me breathe beyond this fire Let me break free so I may break the lie breathe one last time
And then you can let go
For all that I am I know what I am
Somewhere in hell my soul is in high demand
Somewhere in hell I am damned

02-15-15, 11:35 PM
See the lie in your tired eyes in your burning hands I can see the setting sun and we all move on to the sound of drums that play for all the children to come the wars they will wage but will never be won the tasks they'll undertake but will never be done, inside I can hear them crying and screaming and waiting for the day their kingdom comes for the will to save what they have just begun the leaders they must become because today we were too tired and dumb too busy watching what was on to look outside and see what our world has become and to afraid to look ahead and see whose shoulders it would fall on but we all sing along and together we all move on to the beat of drums

09-22-15, 03:44 AM
The crows fly away
At the end of a sunny june day
Whispers call to say
In eternity the will echos on
Even for one of many
Their sound is strangely comforting
The words hum
Twisting spirits and ashes
That set with the rising sun
The rows of people to come
At night the church is empty and quiet
Making no sound
Except from the surrounding crows that will come at dawn

05-02-16, 01:11 PM
I know there's a reason
There's always a reason
But some how I can't feel it
Or find the reason to care
Maybe it's just the season
That time of year when they're all smiling again
That time When the days are longer
And I know that I
Must be stronger
But I just can't find the reason
Oh God here we go,
It's another year of the same season

I don't think they'll understand
Why I'm barely unable to stand
I swear that I could yesterday or tomorrow
Just not today
Never today again
This word isn't quite enough
These quotes don't feel just
This must be the reason
Finding thoughts that have no end
Its the beginning of someone new
A stranger that I don't trust
The weaknesses that I must come to terms with
As my stories burn
Feeling flames
It's the way I am
Heard you swear by my stains
like I wear them
Feel the echoes of decay again
Smile to the smell of a rhythm almost at an end
Took everything for granted till tomorrow would begin
Because nothing was ever guaranteed
Nows the moment is here but we pretend
I think maybe it's just the season
And I'll survive this one again
Just like I've done
Before and then
Until we meet again
I'll have few reasons
To find the next season

05-02-16, 01:14 PM
The songs their singing
Can you hear them?
Pushing past the crowds
Just to hear them scream
Just to be apart of something beautiful
Freedom never felt so close
But these chains are so heavy
And chairs break me
Barriers from the great things
Heard their playing again
Heard the words I sink within
Help me pretend
That I matter to them
Believe me when I make my head
Break my hands
Call me a crucible of a man
Lakes of people will love me then
At least I like to pretend

05-02-16, 01:15 PM
It's revelation again
Revolutions that cause me to spin
Break my heart again
Covered in roses
I can not pretend
Make me up of pity and sin
Share with me your makeup
It doesn't really matter in the end
Sometimes it feels so scary to just begin
Hell isn't something abstract
It's at the base of within
with drawl was never easy when your already at the bottom
There ain't no coming down from that
Spelling sins in the clouds
I think we're already in heaven
If you pay attention
I think you can hear the angels calling
But we just won't listen

05-02-16, 01:15 PM
Everyday I wake up, I'm afraid
That tomorrow will stay the same
Everyday I wake up, I'm fighting a war that I can not win
Still if you ask me if I'm alright,
I won't smile, but I won't pretend
I embrace the same songs because I don't want today to end
I'm scared to begin a journey that's long been over
Fighting wars for fables
Long forgotten, so long ago
The world slips, but never shows
No mirrors that are never broken
No, thoughts get spoken
Logic was a lie that never had any place in life
Pushing emotions

05-02-16, 01:16 PM
Look into my eyes,
Share your pity that you despise
Eat with me, lies
Token desguises
I can not hide
And I'm scared to be beside all that gets set aside
Running from the battles I wage in spirit but never in mind

05-02-16, 01:16 PM
Crawl up to the empty
Whisper my name so I can hear you see
Breathe into me your lies and all I aspire to be
Bless me with your token, your talisman, that's broken
To your gods I sing praises
To the ego, Id, and to their names
Burden me with the truth you carry
Like weapons that make us merry
Murdered by merit, I think words are broken

05-02-16, 01:17 PM
It doesn't really matter where you go or what you do, at some point all of us have to believe in ourselves.
But The road to character often looks like the way to hell.
The tendency to believe in one's self is a bit too heavy
Stones add up through the throws, there are marks that no one knows,
Heaven is an office by the window, just so you can see the trees and the sky
How much do you have to pay to lie
Can freedom have a cost that feels right
Self assurance can have higher costs than you can levy
Promises, without action become life's greatest curses
The things you can not buy
The road to character, is long one to go
Forty miles to heaven but you can barely walk the two more to go
It's that last breath that's the hardest
Or so I'm told
I've never been there before
Not yet
I'd like to imagine, I'll die before I ever get too old
But that spirit stays with me
And I still fight
For reasons I forgot so long ago
If heaven is heavy then the world looks like hell
When it's hot everything smells like gold
Even if it's hard I know
It's doesn't really matter where you go
The road to character is no better than the road to hell
It will torture your spirit and break your soul
The words that seem to describe it never seem to be the same to me
They just aren't strong enough this time
Curses cast by hands devine
Bury me alive
One more time
Bury me till I'm mine
Till my body is heaven
Till the temple is whole
Till the drunkard within is called a man

05-02-16, 01:18 PM

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05-02-16, 01:18 PM
Drama Sauce
The point is pressure made clear
Like so many liquors
How do you like this music
Does this note suit your needs
Like stained hands gripping the glass of the guilty
Does this compassion flow like a river?
Does it suit you who take what you please
As so many angels do
As so many devils like you
Sour tastes don't stick too long as the sugar is all but gone

05-02-16, 01:19 PM
I never knew how to win
I only knew how to lose
Still these binds they tie are too tight
I don't know what freedom is
And if you showed it to me,
I'd probably still have to pretend
Make amends with the restless thoughts in my own head
To burn the seed that never begins
To make something of me that does not make me a man
To be left aside
In a place I can hide
This is not happiness
This is all a Mongral like me could believe in
Happiness was never a beginning
It was always the end
I don't know how to be happy
I only know how to win

05-02-16, 01:21 PM
This story will be hard for most to believe. I hardly believe it either. So for now I will leave it for fate or fiction to decide whether I am insane or whether I am blind.

Tomorrow the sun will rise, and It's just that I believed in some big nothing.

The other night I had a dream, but it was so fragile, it shattered.

by the time I woke up it was all but gone, but still there were pieces

Ones that I could use as a weapon or choose to see through them.

Inside, I hardly find anything there at all anymore. Where will time go when I am gone. What will the world do with me or without me.

As it does with most things, it moves on.

No accomplishment exceeds the passion of time to utterly destroy and cripple us all. In the grand comedy it leaves most of us deaf, and many others blind.

To live outside of time, is to be like the devices. But divination never brings mercy.

Heavens always above me, but beyond it, there lies nothing.

Am I to be swallowed by that void? It's so grand, wrapped in beauty just before it disappears

05-02-16, 01:23 PM
Even the devil can be an angel
or so they told me
Even the brightest star is meant to burn out into a nova
Leaving nothing alive
Thoughts collect
Hands move across the empty plate passing it down the line
Some came to eat bread
Others came to take wine
Some are wounded and devine
Others are poor and out of time
As a boy with only five dollars
I dropped it into the pile
I didn't eat that night
It was only a dream that fed me and kept me alive

05-02-16, 01:24 PM
Do you accept your worst as though it were your best?

Does this make you smile?

05-02-16, 01:25 PM
There are some places you can only pass through
Some ways to live that will kill you
Some forms of beauty that break you

12-16-16, 03:43 AM
For now
If just only now
Then some how
I will reach the end
Of this I swear by
Of this I believe in
Your alternatives you swore by
They have all died and now you want mine
Wishing all of the world to be fair
because you feel you lost your way
You gave away, hoping someone would care
Or show you the way
In pursuit of all that was shared
what I have you did not give me
I will not be your thief
Your beliefs may be gone
But you can't have mine
Your faith may be gone
But you can't break mine
Your words are gone
But you wont speak mine
Your legacy is gone
But you can't take mine
I will see till we are both blind
But I will not give you my eyes
I will have heart this time
But you cant break mine
Your life, like your words, and your lies
They will not be mine

08-17-17, 10:15 PM
The man takes a bow
He tells a cheap joke
For cheap laughs
At a cheap show
There was a time
Some remember
When the world wasnt always made of plastic
When people werent always sarcastic
When everything wasnt always so fantastic
Where did those people go?
I often wonder if they know
What happened to their world
When I look outside,
I see only places of what used to be
Cities somehow came to be monuments to our own suffering
I can see where there once was a grove
Where the birds flew
And where the river flowed
We traded everything to make the world a cheap place to live
One can only wonder
Was it worth it
When I look around I can see the audience is no longer laughing
Somewhere between the cheap laughs and cheap drinks
The mans true colors showed through
Revealing only red ink
And now everyones running
From what our world is becoming
And if we turn backward at our killers
We might see an oppurtunity for an advertisement for a product placement that wont bring our salvation
That brings our cheap destruction
All around me, the towers are going up higher now
We reach for heaven but forget earth
We enslave children at birth
And make people commodities and servants to products of their own construction
The people are running
But the show keeps going
The laugh tracks are still playing
The cameras still rolling
The curtains are now falling
The man takes a bow
As he falls down
I pour one more drink
And think
"Atleast the show was cheap"

08-17-17, 10:16 PM
Everyday It's the same

I know of a place of broken wings where a little songbird sings to broken dreams

She isn't very good but I still listen,
Each day she sings and gets a little better
She's passes the time as each thing around her passes away
Everyone that sees her, tries to talk over her
They talk loudly and never listen, and they get a little better at talking over eachother
The crowds come and go, looking for all the right reasons to complain
They never stop to listen to the little song bird that sings
They only try to take breaks and break from life so that they can break each other
and each day they get a little better

They try to concentrate by tuning out the world till it's barely a whisper

But for what purpose, no one can say because no one listens

Each person claims he is the master of his own life
Only the servants truly listen
And so no one serves to listen because that would mean serving each other

They do as masters do and mistake logic for wisdom
They criticize eachother, finding fault for sport and business
Finding one more reason to care less about anothers opinion
And each day they get a little bit better
Every day it's the same
The little song bird still sings
Perhaps if she was just a little bit better at her song
Perhaps they'd join and sing along
Maybe they'd be happier
But even if the world shined through her,
They'd never see each other

Every day it's the same
She tries to sing,
And each day she gets a little better
But a little bit more forgotten
Today she is just a shadow
Tomorrow she will disappear
Each day she lives her life
But every day she's a little bit better
A young boy listened and the bird stood up
And changed its melody
Maybe it was then that the crowd took notice
The boy listened, smiled and said thank you
He ran off and the bird of broken wings flew away
She didn't sing for the masters or the slaves
She sang for the servants
Because only they can truly listen