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11-15-13, 10:47 AM
The Scientific Forum is a section for Scientific, Philosophical & Theoretical discussions regarding ADHD and co-morbid conditions. There are three forums within the section that will allow members the ability to discuss concepts at different levels and resources. We request that members refrain from banter and keep to section descriptions. We expect that you will make every attempt to make your messages clear and as factual as possible, respect the ideas of others and seek to maintain relevancy to each topic.

Violators of the section rules will garner warnings, infractions and possibly lose access to sections. Please post within guidelines and forums rules.


Scientific Discussion

This forum is for discussion of information quoted from verified scientific published studies. Posters in this section are advised that discussions are of a serious nature and carries an expectation that you are willing to understand and assess academic rigor. Input into threads are expected to be supportable and related to evidence/journals/studies that correspond or tie into scientific summary or quoted theory. Deviation from the topic or speculative input without evidence is not advised and will be moved to another section.

**Staff are not required to validate resources but will ensure that the thread stays on topic. Posts reported for inaccuracy cannot be managed. Please only report guideline violations.**

If members have a particular concept they wish to explore that is sparked by conversation, please create a new thread in the apporpriate section or build on an existing thread referencing the Op's original topic.

We encourage members to challenge the idea, maintaining etiquette guidelines and traditional debating rules.