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11-17-13, 06:52 AM
Ok well I've been take meds for adhd pretty much my whole life I'm not adhd anymore cause I've grown out of it but still get it prescribed to me. i have never been high or abused it before.

i took a large amount on thurday at 8:30p.m and its sunday at 3am now and i still awake but the effects have been long gone see dark yesterday and still haven't crashed.

but i took them because i had a day in the juvy detention center in the morning but i wanted to sleep throughout it the next day. and since i was going to abuse it for the second time i wanted to see if i could experience the high that people i know have talked about.

i tried it once a while back i took 120 mg but i never felt any different than when i i just take 40mg it was just longer. sooooo this time i took 640mg. yeah i know really stupid. well the whole night i stayed up just making music and it felt like it always does at my prescribed dose but i noticed the time went by faster than I've ever witness and not supprisingly fast. but so it came to be 730 and it was time to leave to go to detention. and it lasts from 8 to 5 and i was like I'm sure I'm not gonna be tired anytime while I'm there so imma just make the time go a little fast so i took more vyvanse and at this point I'm at 760 mg of speed.

so i go up to the detention center and as soon as i go in for like to change into the jail clothes and get searched and asked if i was on any meds. at that point i went from the same average feeling i get at 40 mg to noticing that high. it didn't hit me right away but it didn't creep up either and i though it was never going to stop getting stronger.

so then they took me to the classroom with everyone and they don't do nothing in school so i researched it on the computer to know side effects and so nothing will catch me off guard like that and i couldn't find any info of the effects of it at any dosage higher that 300 mg. so lets just say later when i got home and looked more about it by that time i had/was expreincing every side effects and symptoms of overdose. so while i was in the detention center i knew nothing about what was to come.

well then i start feeling very pleased like not like really happy just satisfied like no worries i guess you could say. the real high hit me the high that i was at, at this moment i had expereinced before with a hallusinagin but never this mild so then i was like um i didn't know you can get this high off of it. then i looked at my skin and i know whats real and fake while hallucinating but my skin wasn't just pale it was pretty much blue.

and then they called me in the nurse office. every inmate has to do this daily. and i was tripping balls but i was in my "right mind" still so i was good. well the nurse to my blood pressure and it errored 2 times and she had that look like are you on something when she look at me and then i got so paranoid. so she just started on the info paper she had to fill out and ask me if i took meds and i was like yea vyvanse 70 mg and that i just started it today. but i really have been on this for a few years now and its just 40 mg.

but then she took my blood pressure and it read that time, and she was like uhh i guess thats fine and i thought in my head omg you think 124 heart beats a minute is ok!? im probably near heart attack or a stroke! but then see wanted a drug test normal er day thing but i had not drink or eaten since before i first to the meds and my urine felt like acid and was so dark. and then i went back to my cell for 30 minutes (real time 2 hours) and tripped pretty hard.

and then i went home and i wasn't really sure if i was gonna be ok i mean i still felt great but i was worried and i had already exprerinced ever effect of it and everything except the coming down ones it said that coming down off of high doses sucked and there were chest pains and nausea. and i was like ha well that didn't happen so I'm still high till like 12am and i didn't seem that high but still very high and then i was like damn this is so long long of a high. and then the sucky part hit me and i was miserable till 7am and i had to call my po at 8am to see if i had a drug test that day. so i just got out of bed and went to shower and i look in the mirror and ,smh, my eyes where like black holes from being so dilated and they looked like the cleanest and finest glass on earth and my face was very very oily and i grabbed my phone and search it and it turns out the oly substance was the extra vyvanse that my system over flowed out and seeped out of my face. i had been looking like this alien person this whole time i still don't see how no one said anything.

The pain eased off a good bit and i went to take my drug test and when i got there i realized the last thing i drank was 37 hours before so i had to sit there for 2 hours drinking water still high and hallucinating and my po looked at me and said you ok and i was like yea I'm fine why? he said you don't look like your in the real world at all i was like uh i feel like I'm am dawg he was like yea you seem fine huh oh well so i peed and went to my friends and he knew about my tripping and he had never heard of someone speeding that me i was like me neither and he said he was so suprised i survived that and living i was like at one point i felt on the edge of death.

and then at around 230 pm i felt none of the effects of the drug anymore but by this point my days and events had ran together and i had felt like i was going crazy. and i was confused very strongly so i left at five bearly made it to my bed and went to sleep i figured id crash for a really long time after this one. and i fell asleep.... and woke up 4 hours later.. like wow really. and my throat hurt so bad and chest and heart. and i look down at my pecks (chest boobs of men)and they have gain a LOT of muscle due to the strength, speed, and length my heart beats. and i feel like my inside have been attacked for 10 days.

and that brings me to this moment i still full awake but not really nor any i understand much but I'm so tired I'm pretty much dreaming awake. like now I'm naturally hallucinating from lack of sleep but i can't sleep and I'm really paranoid (never felt like this) i keep hearing sounds from outside my windows that sound like people moving around by them but when i go to focus to hear it better,... nothing.

this has been a crazy experience. I'm not gonna say it was terrible cause for the most part it wasn't. but the high isn't worth the stress and health problems your body receives from it i will never see that high again. and i have to say that high was NOTHING like any type of high I've every experienced. they point of this story is in the end of a trip like that not only did i risk my life but right now I'm kinda a vegetable i so much out of it but ill be back to normal once i sleep and eat with will take about too days to fully recover.

11-17-13, 10:45 AM
well I hope this is the LAST time you try something so stupid, no offense. You were walking the death line on that one. PLEASE do not do this ever again.

11-17-13, 09:59 PM
grilledcheese: it takes courage to admit to making such a huge error in judgment. Thanks for telling the truth and letting others know how badly it turned out for you. Maybe it will prevent someone else from making the same mistake. As bad as it was, it could have ended up much worse; you're very lucky to be alive and not in full blown psychosis.

I hope you can get some counseling or therapy for whatever it is that made you feel like doing something so drastic and that could get you in so much trouble.

I'm sorry to hear that you were misinformed about growing out of ADHD. People often grow out of the hyperactivity, but ADHD is now understood to be a permanent, neurological condition that continues to have symptoms in adults, too. If you're taking your ADHD medication inconsistently, it could be part of the reason you're acting impulsively and getting into trouble with the law. There's only two reasons I can think of why you'd keep letting your doctor prescribing you if you think you don't have ADHD: so you can use it recreationally, or so you can sell it. If you're doing either, you're cheating yourself out of a better life.

I'm glad you found ADDF! The more you understand about your condition, the better you'll be able to navigate the challenges of having ADHD.

11-17-13, 10:52 PM
You could have triggered a seizure, or even sent yourself into cardiac arrest.

Never ever do that again, no matter what.

11-18-13, 02:01 AM
Dang dude thats an insane dose. Seriously dont take vyvanse for like 2 or 3 months, your heart seriously needs to recover after that. I quit taking vyvanse and i didnt even abuse it the most i would take is 80mg when i really needed to study. But it made my heart feel funny and have irregular beat patterns/ bloodpressure. I only took it for like 5 months then stopped for 3 months over summer took for another 2 months. and then it took like 2 and a half months just for my heart to finnally feel normal.

If possible you should go to the doctors that dose is nothing to play around with.

Hope you have gotten some sleep if not its really needed you definately need to go to the hospital so they can make you sleep. but im supposing that you are asleep i hope.

Stay safe man dont try that again. Honestly i think meth would be safer if you wanna get the high of a stimulant even though its not good for you at all and i wouldnt say to use it, it cant be worse than a 760mg dose.

01-07-14, 04:14 PM
grilledcheese (,

That is like crazy, reckless behavior. Have respect for ADHD, and the medication.

Seriously you must be impulsive, but you need to seriously figure out getting your life in a more sensible and better direction.

You were sent to detention plus you really could have been in SERIOUS TROUBLE from that dose, you are LUCKY it was not far worst.

If you want high, fine, don't abuse ADHD meds, there are plenty of other drugs.

01-07-14, 04:26 PM
For real?

01-07-14, 04:36 PM
The OP has gotten that out of his system - by that I mean the topic, not the Vyvanse itself, though I'm sure that that is out of his system too.

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