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11-18-13, 06:22 AM

I've ADHD and I have tried almost every antidepressant in the book (I live in Italy and psychostimulants are not an option... Anyway, I tried Ritalin in the past but it didn't work for me)

I have had good results with Anafranil 75 mg (and some result with Anafranil 50 mg) and little or no results with any other med. But I withdrew it because I was tired of being tired all the time (drowsiness, fatigue and so on).

Anyway, since Anafranil worked well for me I'm thinking about trying Effexor which is quite similar. What do you think about it? (yes, I have read about discontinuation problems, and I had similar issues with Paxil).


11-18-13, 06:42 AM

An A/D I've never heard of. :eek: Googling..

11-18-13, 06:46 AM
Okay. Tricyclic.

Yes, they have sucky side effects. But so do SNRI's.

I think the newer Cymbalta (Duloxetine) has a better side effect profile than Effexor.

Tho if you're going the Anti-Depressant route, Wellbutrin (Buproprion) should be your first port of call.

Good luck and welcome to ADDF :)

11-18-13, 07:27 AM
I took Venlafaxine for a few months and didn't like it at all. It didn't help with the depression but made me very moody. It made my suicidal ideation much worse as well. The worst side effect was the constant drowsiness. I just felt totally knocked out.

I've tried duloxetine and that did work better but also made me drowsy at higher doses.

Venlafaxine is supposed to be ver effective, especially for difficult to treat depression and it's also supposed to inhibit reuptake of dopamine but I didn't have any relief from my ADHD symptoms.

11-18-13, 09:05 PM
@Fuzzy12, I'm not looking relief from depression, since I'm not depressed at the moment. I'm looking relief for ADHD symtoms so I'm sorry to hear it did nothing for your ADHD. I thought Effexor was worth a try since Anafranil is quite similar and I did (quite) good while I was on it but I will consider also Cymbalta in the future.

@Abi, I tried Wellbutrin in the past but it made me nuts. A bad hypomaniac episode (not fun at all by the way). I developed also prostatitis while I was on it and it never passed. For some reason I don't do very well on dopaminergic meds. I think SNRIs fit better with my type of ADHD (I tend to overfocus and get stuck rather than being pure inattentive).

Anyway, today I started 10 mg of Anafranil. It helps with concentration for the very first moment as it usually does but I everytime I'm on it (and SSRIs) I feel disconnected from the rest of the world and I devolep an "I don't care" attitude which I don't like very much. Can anyone else relate?

06-18-18, 08:35 AM
I am from India where access to stimulants like Ritalin is practically impossible. I was prescribed Ritalin as a college student in the United States and it works brilliantly. The only problem is that once it wears out you hit a low and also it causes insomnia.

I suffer from ADD and depression. I have tried most of the ADs including tricyclics and SSRIs. Clomipramine (Anafranil) is probably the single most potent AD of all. The biggest side effect is fatigue and poor sleep. For ADD, I would recommend Imipramine, which is a precursor to Clomipramine, dosage 25 to 50mg. I have also had some success with Clonidine which is an anti-hypertensive. If you have ADD and no depression, you should go for Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, since NE is the main neurotransmitter affected in ADD.