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11-18-13, 11:02 AM
I'm going up to 2 daily (80mg) after 2 weeks. Anyways, took my first 40mg 50 minutes ago. I'm feeling slightly euphoric in a weird way. No crazy side effects yet. I started feeling tingles then a wave of calmness/focus. It's actually kind of lovely.

Anyways, Vyvanse had me get into a full blown stimulant psychosis lasting 4 days 2 weeks ago. I got out of it through sleep and seizing meds for 2 days after which I got back on it. I was no longer having paranoia/delusion/depression/suicidal thoughts but I was definitely experiencing a lot of irritability/anger/impatience/anxiety more than I normally have. I'm feeling a bit touch-sensitive and zombified. I don't know, it feels as if a light bulb just turned on in the back of my head haha. I'll keep you guys posted next few days/weeks.

11-18-13, 12:13 PM
UPDATE: More tingles/calmness followed by huge yawns. Feeling good, I can sort of tell my mouth wants to go dry.

11-19-13, 03:38 PM
2nd day. FIRST SIDE EFFECT: Leaking semen prior to peeing=slight urination trouble. Very mild constipation. Very flacid too.

I thought I was going to get away with it all, but nope! Here come the side effects. Appetite still fine, slept well, improved focus/calmness. Tingling all day long.

No surprise/panic for me.

11-21-13, 09:39 AM
Day 4: Thinking linearly, motivated, sustained focus. Strattera feels as if it's actually working upon the executive center of my brain unlike all the other ADHD meds, it's pretty amazing. I've been able to recall more and more memories..especially technical ones such as remembering old passwords, numbers, etc. It's pretty insane.

The calmness and patience are unbelievable too..thank God for norepinephrine. Sense of well being, optimistic. I can wake up and go to sleep easily. Vivid dreams make my sleep worthwhile too. The sleep is so deep I feel as if it's truly building up serotonin and dopamine naturally.

Manhood is coming longer flacid...although orgasms are a bit lackluster..those will come back as well.

11-23-13, 01:19 PM
Day 6: slight improvement in focus now, it seems to be improving everyday as the Strattera is building up and in about another week I'm doubling the dose...80mg so I'm not EVEN there! Libido is high as hell, not flacid, no ejaculate issues, no issues at all whatsoever.

11-23-13, 02:46 PM
Hey, thanks for journalling this!

11-23-13, 05:15 PM
STILL DAY 6: took another 40mg. I'm supposed to move up to 80mg after 2 weeks but I called my psychiatrist and said I can take it earlier depending on how I feel as in if my headaches/nausea went away from just 40mg. I told her I never had any of that in the first place haha! It's been 15 minutes so far. I'm used to high *** doses of vyvanse, this shouldn't overwhelm me but instead be at my FDA therapeutic dose of 80mg a day. We'll see what this earlier 80mg dose causes today, tomorrow, next week and so on.

So the 80mg starts NOW. We'll see how 2 separate 40mg doses impact me today and then how 80mg at once will impact me tomorrow. Either way, right now I'm feeling a jolt/rush coming's been 30 minutes and nothing else so far. Amazing how people react so differently, I read how they suffer all these side effects on Strattera from the very start and I'm still rolling.

11-23-13, 06:02 PM
1 hour so far, it's wonderful! I'm feeling a lot more motivated, interested. Now I finally understand how Strattera works compared to stimulants!! Basically, we have trouble with sustained attention because we don't get enough dopamine! Well stimulants mostly increase the dopamine for all tasks and yet people still procrastinate on stimulants. What Strattera does is that it makes your brain require LESS arousal so it can get motivated. Norepinephrine solidifies this by making signals a lot more effective.

Two main parts to your brain: Frontal cortex (PFC) associated with executive function/consciousness and then the Striatum associated with pleasure/movement. The PFC is dominant in norepinephrine receptors and the Striatum is dominant in dopamine receptors. Stimulants just increase the dopamine in the Striatum giving people a dysfunctional form of motivation. The key here is that norepinephrine receptors CAN ALSO uptake dopamine since one is derived from the other. Strattera blocks the norepinephrine receptors allowing less dopamine to get sucked back in the PFC thus providing a secondary increase in dopamine which translates into FUNCTIONAL MOTIVATION since it's in the PFC and not the Striatum. People with ADHD lack norepinephrine as well and that helps send messages from neuron to neuron. Therefore our brains are wired to achieve dopamine through dysfunctional ways DUE TO LOW NOREPINEPHRINE. We get a lot of dopamine from risks or novelty and very little from day to day tasks=lack of focus/lack of motivation=HYPERACTIVITY (confusion among neurons). Now, they can also have TOO MUCH norepinephrine but in the WRONG area which increases anxiety. The hyperactivity causes the increase of norepinephrine in the wrong area, thus making someone with ADHD even more anxious! However, some people are simply dopamine deficient and respond better to stimulants while other ADHDer's brains respond better to more norepinephrine (NRI's such as Strattera) because their ADHD is even worse (more confusion in terms of what situation releases more dopamine).

Stimulants do release norepinephrine, but since they mostly act upon the Striatum where the abuse potential lies, the Striatum is very LOW in norepinephrine receptors compared to the PFC. This means that the PFC must be the treated region of the brain since it's the EXECUTIVE CENTER.

This is why a lot of people who would naturally do A LOT better on Strattera do better on Adderall compared to other stimulants. Adderall has the l-amp which targets norepinephrine in the PFC more which is why people say they have more motivation on it. People who don't do well on Strattera, tend do well on stimulants because they simply lack dopamine. For Strattera individuals, they lack dopamine BECAUSE they lack norepinephrine...BECAUSE their brain is wired in a worse way in terms of WHEN dopamine gets released. Some people can have both issues and find that taking stimulants in combination with Straterra may be even better.

Since Strattera is a medication that needs to build up, this initial great experience is just the beginning! This is where the following weeks will come into play.

11-23-13, 11:12 PM
Alright, it's been 6 hours since my first 2nd 40mg dose today. Just got off my 4-hour shift. I feel MUCH more productive, focused, confident, talkative, intrigued by things. I've also had a can of original pepsi and vaping on my high strength nicotine e-cig. NO SIDE EFFECTS! No nausea, no headaches, no palpitations, even less anxiety, no zombie feeling, nothing but benefits - and these will CONTINUE to get better over the next 6-8 weeks. Guess I'm taking 80mg a day from now on, a week earlier than my titration. I don't know about everyone else here, but I'm responding extremely well to Strattera. Huge burst of energy like Vyvanse, but not feeling jittery at all!

Excellent medicine. Blows stimulants out of the water for me.

Since I have an odd number of Strattera capsules left, I'm going to give it a week at 80mg then take 1 extra capsule and split it half...putting me at 100mg for 2 days. What this will do is even out my remaining capsules so I finish them off at 80mg a day (2 capsules) AND I get to push it a little further and experiment a bit more. Who knows, maybe 100mg will in fact be even better than 80mg! I'm just not going to do that until a week on 80mg because I've already successfully made the increase without any adverse side effects and another increase so soon can throw my brain chemistry off. So 1 week @ 80mg to get used to the new dose, then 100mg just in case. It never hurts to up the ante for experimental purposes. You never know what kind of room/potential your brain has left for these meds. It could very well help you find your real therapeutic dose.

11-24-13, 12:15 PM
DAY 7: Took 80mg at once for the first time. Yesterday my 40mg doses were 9 hours apart. STILL NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS! I thought that this time I may get nausea/headache from having so much at once, but nope. All I'm experiencing is lackluster orgasms. This happened first 2 days on 40mg then went away so it will go away again. It's been 3 hours. No other issues.

11-24-13, 04:22 PM
I really appreciate your insight on this and may possibly switch as well (from adderall).

However, my only recommendation is to take your doses as prescribed (ie, not 100mg) You say that you want to see how much potential your brain has, however, I'm sure if I took a lot of adderall I would just feel that much better until it is a problem. You may not realize a problem until it's too late. Pretty much what I'm trying to say - be careful

11-24-13, 11:48 PM
I'm not sure you can go up as high as 100mg on Straterra- think 80mg is the upper limit?

11-25-13, 06:32 AM
1 extra capsule and split it half...

FYI Strattera is not "dividable", the powder is an ocular (eye) irritant and there is no way to be sure that a dose is accurate.

11-25-13, 01:20 PM
FYI Strattera is not "dividable", the powder is an ocular (eye) irritant and there is no way to be sure that a dose is accurate.

I'll divide it and put the other half in an empty leftover Vyvanse capsule.

And yes for whoever brought up issues regarding 100mg, I thought of asking my psych what I can do with that left over Strattera capsule.

11-30-13, 03:56 PM
Day 13: Still taking 80mg every morning. I have no bad side effects from taking it on an empty stomach. A few days ago I had constipation and bladder discomfort, it was painful stretching out my abdominal muscles as if I would tear an intestine behind my bladder. This went away after 2 days. I've had no other side effects. I'm feeling a lot more at ease but consciously "suspended" at the moment. There's nothing really good or really bad about it..I'm just really anxious to see what the hell Strattera will lead me to at the following marks: 3 weeks in, 6 weeks in, and finally 9 weeks in. I really don't have much to say so far about this med which is frustrating so I'm just giving it the benefit of the doubt to remain patient. I'm at my therapeutic dose, all is said and done, just a matter of time hammering away now. I've titrated pretty fast with no issues so I have no excuse to give up early on Strattera unlike other people who couldn't handle the side effects. I'm praying that something spectacular will arise out of all this. If nothing happens after 9 weeks, then I will request to go back on Vyvanse whether it'll be by itself or in combination with Strattera. We will truly see how much of it is placebo and how much is the med.

12-01-13, 12:07 PM
Day 14: took my 80mg as usual this morning. Feeling a bit better. Looks like Strattera is taking an effect soon.

12-02-13, 12:37 PM
Day 15: 80mg again. The clock keeps on ticking until this med fully kicks in.....if it'll get any better. I almost got written up yesterday at work for not paying attention/being too slow. I told my manager I got ADHD and just got placed on a new med that takes 6-8 weeks to work so she said she'll work with me.

Got my appointment this Thursday with my psychiatrist to follow up on Strattera. I may get a small dose of a stimulant added to cope until the Strattera fully kicks in then reduce the dose/keep the dose/remove the dose..who knows. I'm giving this med 10 weeks no less.

I really miss the focus/intrigue Vyvanse gave me. I would take anything and develop on it all the way. It gave me confidence, it made me very social except it gave me a lot of anxiety and made me extremely irritable. I also ended up having a week of stimulant psychosis due to insomnia because of it. I've read that Strattera combined with stimulants is really good so I'm going to bring that to my psychiatrist's attention. We'll see what happens.

12-02-13, 01:15 PM
I've also gone back to abusing chocolate, caffeine, energy drinks, and cigarillos. My family got mad at me for eating 7 entire bars worth of chocolate over a few days. This mental condition sucks and this Strattera is ******* me the hell off. If nothing happens after 10 weeks I'm going to light my capsules on fire!! I managed to find a few of my 60mg Vyvanse capsules and just took 20mg right now.

12-02-13, 04:26 PM
It's been 3 hours since I took the 20mg Vyvanse meaning that it's at peak plasma concentration right now. I'm feeling a lot more focused and at ease, it's wonderful. I'm going to let my psychiatrist know, she may add it (hopefully). I got exams, I got work, I got lots of things to do. I can't be dysfunctional for 10 weeks.

12-03-13, 12:21 PM
Day 16: 80 mg. Cool. Anyways, the 20mg of Vyvanse I took yesterday felt a lot more potent. It lasted really long and the intensity was there to my surprise. Went to sleep around 8 it lasted nearly 20 hours. Who knew. No biggie, we're dosing with 10mg now.

12-03-13, 08:36 PM
INCREDIBLE! I guess I'm truly beginning to love Strattera. I decided to not take any left over Vyvanse today and I'm feeling fine without it, damn. I noticed I'm much more prone to getting angry at anxious people, they are so toxic being around with I feel like they should take their anxiety somewhere else. This is probably due to the Strattera massively decreasing my anxiety and still doing so as it's building up in my system. I feel so laid back and carefree like a BURDEN has been taken off from weighing me down. I'm MUCH more optimistic and confident. This is a different type of confidence from stimulants. Stimulants make me confident in a dysfunctional way as if there's a techno club in my head, they amplify my pre-existing anxiety. Instead, Strattera so far feels as if things will turn out for the better. I find myself living more in the NOW as opposed to having to do something while on stimulants. I find myself shrugging negativity off with in a poker-faced way. I guess I was built for this particular med, it's amazing how when you're on the right med it's so much more effective..and I thought Vyvanse was effective. I can relax much better or get up and do something..although I think the getting up and doing something is the next area of improvement on my Strattera journey. I am finding myself a lot more organized, I've stopped a 17 year old habit of peeling the skin off my fingers, rearranged my room, and being more down to earth.

But WOW I get FURIOUS at anxious people. Hard to listen to and it's a lot worse when they question me with their anxiety-driven mindset. Good God, get away from me you black hole of fun. I find this is most common around people majoring in engineering/computer science around my university. I can tell I'm on something, that's for sure..and slowly but surely..the fog is lifting higher each week.

Motivation-wise it feels more like I do something because I choose to as opposed to I do something because I have to while on Vyvanse. To be honest, the first time I took Vyvanse with Strattera, I began to pick at my fingers again and be more negative about things. I hate stimulants, they can all go to hell with the whole re-inventing the wheel ordeal.

24/7 efficacy, NO side effects. What more could I ask for?

12-04-13, 04:06 AM
This sounds great.

About your fury at anxious people - any possibility that some part of that could come from having been anxious for so long yourself?

12-04-13, 09:05 AM
Day 17: 80mg. I woke up an hour earlier now, lying in bed on my laptop before going to uni soon. I NEVER do that, usually I wake up at the last minute and I'm out the door without breakfast. I slept well too. I had an insane vivid dream. Since I vape on e cigs, I dreamed about a sunny day on a field with a bunch of people and all of us were putting e cig parts together on the grass. There was some idiot messing around with a water hose that sprayed people with water so I ended up losing my e cig parts. Some person also insulted me for using Strattera saying that college is all "lateral reading" from page to page and then you watch t.v. :faint:

The first few days I remember I had a dream where I made friends with a lion and later on it got aggressive towards these people so one of them put a shotgun under its chin and blew through its head.

Looking outside my window now, the sky is white and it looks really gloomy although I don't really care now. The weather always has an impact on my mood. People usually like rainy days or winter and if they don't like the extreme cold, they like fall or spring as a happy medium. I on the other hand like summer and summer only where it's 90 degrees, clear blue sky with nimbus clouds and the sun being extremely bright so trees, grass, etc. all look much brighter and there's sunlight much later into the day.

And dvd, it's not true true fury towards anxious people, it's more like pity. It gets annoying when I get confronted by an anxious mind and questioned. What are you going to do? Have you thought about the future? You have to know, you need a plan. And what comes after that, what about after that, and after that. What if this, what if that. I'm just like let it go, stop reading too deeply into it. I've been hindered by anxiety my whole life. It was nowhere at the level of anxiety stimulants gave me but it was enough to cause frustration. Work? Counting down the minutes until the shift is over. Class/homework? Constantly getting distracted by focusing my attention on something I like which decreases anxiety. I would either sleep a lot for stay up really late. Staying still was something I'd never do. Constant fidgeting, constant shifting of my body into more comfortable positions.

When my psychologist diagnosed me, I asked him what type of ADHD it was. He said hyperactive. I used to run long distance in high school..40-60 miles a week to compete. Before every race, I was usually the only one on my team isolating myself due to race anxiety feeling my gut twisting, everyone else typically talked. If there was an exciting situation I would be much more hyper about it in a good way. If it was a bad situation, there was extreme frustration. In past jobs I would have bouts of throwing/smashing things (when no one was around). I've always been an outdoor person, I hate being inside. I never watch t.v. If there was no one to socialize with I would find strangers to socialize with instead at the mall, downtown, etc. I'm a thrill seeker, I ride a motorcycle. After not running anymore, I immediately got into bodybuilding.

12-05-13, 09:34 PM
Day 18: 80mg. No extra prescribed Vyvanse today. My next appointment is January 2nd on my 45th day on Strattera. Today she wrote me a month's worth script for 80mg capsules so I will no longer have to take 2 40s at once. They are gold and white. My psychiatrist was quite pleased how I had no side effects and it seems to finally start working.

12-07-13, 11:44 AM
Day 20: 80mg 2+ hours ago on empty stomach. Not a problem. My head is tingling at the top, it's beginning to feel more like a stimulant now! Focus is getting stronger, I feel great. Coming up on the beginning of my 4th week!!

12-09-13, 03:22 PM
Day 22: 80mg. Feeling more relaxed, laid back. The days are going by smoother. As of now I got 48 more days to go until I hit 10 weeks. January 27th will be the 70th day. The countdown continues. Right now after 3 weeks it feels as if something is at least going on but not that close to were I'm supposed to be.

12-11-13, 04:28 PM
Day 24: 80mg. Things are starting to seem brighter, I am feeling more awake. Feeling-wise, the Strattera is beginning to feel like workman's ecstasy. I've had several experiences with ecstasy (MDMA/molly) in the past and this med is beginning to feel like a mild version of it. It's a very calm sense of well being. The dread from performing certain tasks is minimal..this is how Strattera is beginning to affect motivation. It's like Adderall's introverted cousin. Compared to stimulants, it feels a lot cleaner and I'm actually preferring this a million times more. I've had several experiences with adding a stimulant like Vyvanse to Strattera and it just felt uneccessary. My skin is also looking clearer than ever. Virtually no acne whatsoever, no more picking at my nails, nothing. Hygiene shot up as well as organization.

Last night I organized my room throwing out lots of things and making space. My mom asked, "What is going on in here?" Normally when I throw things out I tend to keep a lot of it due to memories. However, this time I was focusing on whether it's functional or not and I ended up throwing away A LOT of things. Like do I really need this object? How often do I use it? Never? Ok in the trash. I have also stopped smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol as a result of Strattera. Not only does this med beginning to significantly take care of my ADHD, but Strattera changed the effects of alcohol and marijuana. I would get very dissociated. It was no longer as mentally impairing, as it would feel as if I still had clarity of mind because of Strattera. This would simply make me feel very weird and I would lose my sense of self. I wouldn't get anxiety or depression or even paranoia, but I was just GONE from reality while still being in it. It was a feeling of TOO CALM as if nothing was rewarding or mattered. I later read that the decreased anxiety and dopamine decrease followed by marijuana/alcohol leads to a lack of motivation. Combined with Strattera it's MUCH more pronounced. After discontinuing use, I began to not feel too calm anymore, but I was still calm...just calm in the sense that now things are rewarding again.

Strattera already makes me not care much about anything unless I want to. I constantly find myself in a zen-like state where I am everything and everything is me. Everything just seems so simple as if it's a breeze. People have said I'm a lot calmer and mysterious lately. Not withdrawn or anti-social because I can socialize easily if I want to but behind my eyes I'm walking around in the world feeling very comfortable in my own skin. I'm almost slouching within my own head, it's funny. It's as if I've stopped using half my brain but somehow that makes me....more intelligent?

And it's only the beginning of the 4th week! We're not even half way there.

12-12-13, 02:13 PM
Day 25: 80mg. Feeling like I'm above the world in a neutral way. I don't know how to explain it.

12-13-13, 05:32 PM
Day 26: Same old dose, different day. I'm hoping there will be a huge difference after 2 more weeks, this med is such a pain in the ***. I'm still going strong with barely any side effects. Sometimes I get a very slight queasy feeling after taking it on an empty stomach. It lasts about 5 minutes. Vivid dreams are still there. I'm still "hitting" the alcohol and another thing..(no pun intended). I don't abuse it in high quantities, just moderate to cope as the days on this med go by since I don't start next semester at uni until January. I'm still far from where I want to be. Sometimes there are days where there is something different but I think that's due to my "other uses" or maybe it's the Strattera itself and it hasn't stabilized yet.

12-13-13, 07:04 PM
Update: I just had an "enlightening experience" and here's what I've come to realize: I'm still craving things and my brain isn't quiet. THAT'S what Vyvanse got rid of for me. I'm also going to add another week so that it's 11 weeks because I've read that you don't really need more than 4 days to titrate to target dose and I spent a week before reaching my target dose. That means that I'm on technically the 3rd week of Strattera (target dose ONLY). So I'll probably really start feeling it after the end of next week.

12-16-13, 02:21 PM
Day 29: 80mg. I got 6 40mg capsules left..after that I'm moving on to the straight 80mg capsules. I am officially 24 days POST target dose since I titrated+reached target dose on the 6th day of beginning Strattera (40 -->80mg). It takes 8-10 weeks AT the target dose to really get optimal therapeutic effects. I'm still not really seeing much from's more like a sugar pill now but I'm giving it patience.

12-24-13, 12:51 PM
Day 37: 80mg. The focus is really coming in! Now I see how Strattera feels. It affects my mood in an odd way by keeping me in a state of heightened arousal. I'm mentally alert and able to think fast. I am more like myself compared to stimulants. Dopamine is what makes you pursue thoughts. Apparently my ADHD is due to a deficiency in norepinephrine, not dopamine. On stimulants I had no cognitive flexibility. When I had bad thoughts, I would just stay STUCK on them. Heightened levels of it is what lead to aggression/paranoia. Norepinephrine doesn't really affect mood directly. The problem with increasing norepinephrine is that you have to increase dopamine which decreases serotonin. Strattera does this WITHOUT having to increase dopamine significantly. This way my entire personality remains intact while remaining very alert. Instead of reading too deeply into things, I instead almost never get bored. I always have energy, I'm always aroused, I'm just always "there in the moment".

This along a high tryptophan diet for serotonin is GODLY. I feel like I'm on a constant small dose of ecstasy (MDMA). Speed such as adderall, etc. impacts dopamine and norepinephrine significantly whereas MDMA impacts norepinephrine and serotonin mostly. I have higher serotonin as a result of nothing screwing with my dopamine levels and even higher due to diet. As a result I feel very calm and peaceful but very alert at the same time. It's a "quiet type of energy".

It will get even better until February.

01-05-14, 02:31 PM
Day 49: 80mg. Life has been feeling a whole lot easier and smoother. I've been slowed down considerably. I'm much more relaxed and alert. The only side effects I get is pre-orgasm ejaculation and lack of appetite (unless I start eating something). My mouth constantly has a mild dryness to it but it seems to be going away. I'm feeling a lot more motivated, the dread from tasks is greatly reduced, and overall I'm doing much, much better. The good news is that over the next 4 weeks, it will still get even better!

Folks, this medicine requires a TON of patience to work. You have to be dedicated to taking your pill at nearly the same time of day, everyday. Strattera literally makes it feel as if everything takes less effort. Overall, my moods are a lot more stable, and I'm still "me". I got a refill and have 43 pills left. I'm going to ask to get raised to 100mg after I'm through with this script, I feel like I can handle it. I bumped up to 80mg from 40mg after 5 days of starting Strattera with 0 issues.

01-06-14, 01:58 AM
Thanks for sharing. You posts are getting me excited :)

01-11-14, 07:04 PM
... I always have energy, I'm always aroused, I'm just always "there in the moment". ...

This along a high tryptophan diet for serotonin is GODLY. I feel like I'm on a constant small dose of ecstasy (MDMA). ...

This sounds like hypomania or mania - the dose seems too high.

Meds are supposed to reduce the 'hyper' feeling so you can settle and focus on your work.

01-12-14, 09:17 PM
Yes, in a calm way. It makes me mellow.

01-13-14, 09:47 PM
thank you so much for your story..i had such hope my depression flew away just reading your story and i tried it next day by 2nd day i had good result

01-16-14, 12:39 PM
Day 60: So far I'm at 55 days on strictly 80mg since the first 5 days I was on 40mg. My goal is 10 weeks precise on 80mg. Lately I've been a lot more awake. I've had several instances where I would stay up for 48 hours straight without an issue. Strattera doesn't make everything interesting, instead it feels like everything arouses me. I'm always upbeat and active. I am way more assertive and loud. I can either have a party going on in my head or completely chill out. Nothing seems to bore me, I just do things because I want to. It's a very weird type of focus. I read some people say it took them 10 weeks for Strattera to really take hold so we'll see. SOMETHING is going on right now but I can't quite put my finger on it.

01-16-14, 07:07 PM
I am just starting my 3rd week on 80mg and I am noticing that I seem to always be "in the moment" with few wandering thoughts. Also I have started to feel a bit happier with life.

01-23-14, 10:39 AM
Day 67: 160mg of Strattera. ADHD is virtually GONE! I spoke with my psychiatrist asking her if I can increase the Strattera dose or get a stimulant added. I told her I took 120mg of Strattera once the first week I started it to break even without any effects. She said I can double my dose and take 160mg and that I'm her only patient taking the highest dose of Strattera. I took 160mg and now the medication is finally working like magic, what a difference!

From now on I guess 160mg is my dose and I weigh 60kg. I'm taking 2.7mg/kg when 1.2mg/kg is the therapeutic dose. So, more than twice as much, with no side effects.

01-31-14, 03:03 PM
Day 75: I finally made it!! 10 weeks flat of 80mg and 5 days of 40mg. I'm back on 80mg because 160mg didn't do anything over the course of a few days. My psychiatrist added lithium and I'm seeing her again in a week. I start the lithium in an hour. She said that lithium is a mood stabilizer for bipolar and it should help with focus. The lithium should kick in after a week. I'm at 600mg a day, 300mg morning & night. We'll see how that works with Strattera. I'm baffled that I get lithium added but we'll see. Apparently lithium increases serotonin all over the brain. More serotonin=less dopamine=less norepinephrine. It should actually worsen my focus even further by common sense.

02-09-14, 02:40 PM
FINAL UPDATE: This is my second week on lithium. Got bumped up to 900mg from 600mg (1 in morning, 2 at night). This is my second day without Strattera, Concerta 18mg added instead. I don't feel any Strattera withdrawals going on which REALLY makes me question if it was just a placebo. My psych is kind of cautious about stimulants at the moment because he wants to get my bipolar down first. The Concerta is extremely weak. I have begun letting it dissolve under my tongue to expose to compartment layers then use scissors to cut off the green spongey part that pushes out the methylphenidate as well as peeling the clear plastic film off the methylphenidate itself before swallowing. No bad side effects with methylphenidate. All I can say is it's very forgiving compared to the AMP-based meds.

02-09-14, 03:03 PM
Day 6: slight improvement in focus now, it seems to be improving everyday as the Strattera is building up and in about another week I'm doubling the dose...80mg so I'm not EVEN there! Libido is high as hell, not flacid, no ejaculate issues, no issues at all whatsoever.

I'm glad that the sexual side effects subsided for you, because the couple of weeks that I was on Strattera, mine didn't. At the risk of "too much info", I couldn't get it up with a forklift. I decided to stop taking it because of that, so in essence maybe I didn't really give Strattera a fair chance.

03-19-14, 07:12 PM
I'M BACK ON STRATTERA!!! So after I started taking the lithium, I just learned about meditation and mindfulness, "living in the now". I took it combined with 18mg concerta and I achieved "zen" TOTAL PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS 4x (from the cognitive therapy). As time went by with the lithium building up, it was getting way harder for me to be present so I started taking more concertas. Soon enough I ran out of concerta. I was then just stuck with the lithium which was horrific, WAY worse ADD. I began taking my 10 80mg Strattera capsules I had left and they were already helping me tremendously those 10 days while on lithium. After that, the pdoc prescribed me Ritalin LA. I started taking them and it helped a lot with being present but ended up taking more to keep up with the lithium. After I ran out of those, I stopped the lithium and each day, my ADD was getting better. After 5 days I hit my "normal" ADD which was still vastly horrible compared to when I was on Strattera. I then had Risperdal (antipsychotic) to take with the ritalin only to prevent mania. Since I was already out of the Ritalin, the risperdal knocked me out hard, hated it. I then got strattera 80mg prescribed once again and took it while 100% clean. I noticed a huge different within hours and that's without having been built up again over weeks.

When I first had Strattera prescribed, it was right after 60mg Vyvanse so the only difference I saw was between strat and vyvanse instead of strat and my true self.

I now bow down to Strattera lol, it is my godsend, no more being haunted by gnawing anxiety. It takes the spin off my mind and when combined with cognitive therapy (living in present) I feel like a god on it which brings me to how ADHD meds really work:

They give you the dopamine to be happy in the moment with your life AS IS so that you can begin to take action! Without it, it feels like it's so hard to focus on the moment to take action. The biggest mistake with ADD meds is that once people are happy in the moment they just sit there feeling content and STILL being LAZY!! No, being normal means being happy by default AND still taking action. With us ADHD folks, we would only take action to earn something to make us happy which was already non-existent for the most part therefore we were stuck in a negative feedback loop of low self-confidence. Taking a med that gives us self confidence makes most of us STILL be lazy with the difference of feeling content. It is so new for our brains to just feel rewarded for no reason that we still maintain our old selves by not doing a damn thing...what we NEED to do.

ADHD sufferers lack that genuine self confidence of being happy in the moment (no reward from huge lack of dopamine). Instead we constantly end up only doing something while we are having a soda, smoking, red bull, etc. Dopamine provides motivation, it provides the DRIVE. You can't get your drive from accomplishing things, you must have a drive to BEGIN with but when you have that given to you for the 1st time after decades you just sit there enjoying your drive.

Instead, once you have your drive given to you by your meds, it is time to STAND UP and do what you need to do which adds that 20% of extra satisfaction which enhances your intensity of being present to the moment. Combine loving life actively with an ADHD med and you're (

Even while I was on ADHD meds I always thought ADHD was bs. The Vyvanse I just saw as only being amazing from the temporary euphoric honeymoon and the Strattera I just saw it as useless for not having a kick like Vyvanse did. I've been on so many meds I went sober for 6 weeks and truly began to embrace ADHD medicine in that time. I can't believed I lived like that for most of my life. My brain got used to being normal for the first time and I denied it as just from the med. Guys, when I was clean for 6 weeks and taking l-tyrosine, doing everything in my power for natural dopamine, I can't reiterate more how real this mental disorder really is and many of us take the meds for granted by sitting down through them. I've read this everywhere before and never really believed it. It is sooooooo ******* true, these meds give you the drive to HAVE THE WILLPOWER. It's literally impossible having that drive without meds, being awake is just a melancholic, irritable state of mind lacking a sense of humor. These meds give our personalities back and we get scared of/deny them telling ourselves "it's all being part of the drug" when really we've been locked away into a swirl of chaos for DECADES. They diagnosed me bipolar as a new disorder among ADD now my psychologist confirms that I am predominantly ADD which I always had a gut feeling for as opposed to being bipolar. I can see how these two appear to be very similar.

As you can all see, me craving to go back on Strattera all along (being a non-stimulant) is proof that I am not addicted to any euphoria, but instead addicted to being normal; having clarity of thought. Even for those that were addicted to the stimulant euphoria (that dissipated rather quickly after starting treatment) still crave stimulants for the clarity of mind.

04-09-14, 11:29 AM
21 days flat on 80mg. I think before I speak more, calmer, living more in the now, taking action sooner. It's a godsend indeed and there will be much more improvement over the next few weeks as it builds up more. I'm in a tough situation in my life at the moment and it's helping me cope massively with it, very proactive. I've reached a point where all the chatter has died down and now I'm kind of in a blank state where I'm feeling flat as in I should be thinking but I'm not thinking which means that the next stage is going to be a lot more stimulant-like over the next few weeks. I've noticed that in both times taking Strattera from scratch, the first few weeks come with a lot of vivid dreams and a sort of constant "hmmm" mood as the medicine works to slowly take the spin off your mind. After that it becomes a lot more energetic, outgoing, with the sense of well being that I crave.

ADHD meds are REALLY great for males in particular. Men either think or feel and are dominated by thought. If they aren't thinking, then there is no feeling - only peace of mind. ADHD is more common in males, it's that sense of being "up in your head". Meds cut off my mental noise and bring out my superego or pure consciousness that meditation is geared towards. It brings out the active thinking over the passive thinking as a result I become much more expressive and I am much more in touch with my emotions. Emotions are the devil for any man. It's not a matter of not feeling emotion, it's a matter of recognizing emotion and not identifying myself with it which in turn causes me to be way more reasonable and having a tranquil, fearless mind. Men are all about taking action so if that action is dominated by emotion, it becomes the most destructive of its nature manifested in anger when in fact, it all really comes from one place: fear, the fear of not knowing. The superego is fearless and good by nature, it can be referred to as one's soul or spirit. When you are living in the moment, there is no insecurity, there is no "I don't care" out of spite, anger, or sadness - it's just "I don't care", effortless apathy.