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11-19-13, 07:42 PM
These thoughts came to me while reading another thread, Amazingly enough, I didn't derail it and created a new thread instead. :p

I think I've finally come to a realization of why I get so negatively triggered by so many of the threads in the science area of the forum, and life in general. Or maybe I always knew it and it just finally sank in.

Language trips us up all the time, especially me. Even more so than the non-verbal energy exchanges that we are unceasingly trying to translate. I can read energy much better than I can interpret words. If I get an overflow of negative vibes, I likely won't get beyond that to attempt to translate the words behind it.

We are in a constant struggle of trying to interpret yet one more style of communication (sometimes repeatedly from the same individual) while continually struggling like he!! to understand and express our own. Getting the thoughts together is a trick in itself, much less together enough to share publicly.

Trying to take in such a huge amount of (oftentimes, foreign to me) data that my brain can't unscramble in a short amount of time, feeling under pressure and/or inadequately equipped to continue to participate, then stewing in the emotional potpourri of feeling defeated, yet again, and feeling even more worthless than I did prior to jumping in.

The negative self-talk ensues (like I noticed in some of dave's postings, in the thread I mentioned above, that really resonated with me), and while I try to deliver it gently or humorously, I still feel like s*** as a result. What a vicious damn cycle. That's why I usually end up on the defensive end and feel "attacked". It's f'n exhausting. :faint:

I'm learning to stop putting so damn much pressure on myself because a lot of times, most peeps don't truly know, or even understand more than me. They're just reading from a different script and interpreting and expressing things differently. The frustration is still there, but now I think I better recognize the root cause of it within myself.

Grateful for the love that comes along with the struggles and hope we can all eventually lose the need/reflex to proclaim ourselves the "village idiot" when we may just be repeatedly getting lost in translation. :cool:

11-19-13, 08:25 PM
Gets defensive over being called idiot let alone a village one, you the village idiot:D I tell yas lol

11-19-13, 08:30 PM
Reminds me of a time I made an office mate a sign that said, "The village called. They're missing there idiot." The misuse of their/there totally overshadowed my intended humor, dammit. :)

11-20-13, 02:14 AM
Sorry Unmanagable to "go you one better", but I can't resist. (Lucky for me I didn't write this one.)
One guy lived with several girls (some of them were friends of mine). There was a fight of some kind, and things got so tense he decided to move out. On his moving day, he left an angry note: "Die, lossers."
There was much speculation among the girls about exactly what a "losser" might be. :)

On a more serious note, that "lost in translation" thing seems to strike in quite a few places and ways. First of all, we actually don't (and shouldn't!) agree on absolutely everything - but secondly, we have different ways of expressing things, and our ways of expressing things include varying degrees of disorder, skill level, understanding, intelligence, education, and so on. There are a few people I tend to clash with, and I have to choose very carefully whether to discuss things with them or not - and my careful choices are not always right (nor even always careful either). :o

11-20-13, 03:06 AM
All of my communication boils down to figuring out whatever frequency the other person is on. Its quite amazing how so many people consistently say something other than what they meant.

This problem is made worse that the tool we use, language, is actually an extremely imprecise and fuzzy tool to use.
There are plenty of words which everyone has a different interpretation or definition of, or worse yet, words that change meaning depending on context.