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11-21-13, 12:26 PM
The opposite of faith is the notion toward the future generations. Years, no centuries have been set, have been played by rules cognitively and socially. Day by day, the impersonal contact becomes more engraved in our primitive minds, forging a new hardware unrecognizable by history.

For all mankind, we have looked toward one another, interpersonal contact, for entertainment and need. We relied on one another to know not only thyself but the world of joy that surrounds us. We used to weave a rug, thread by thread, side by side. Unfortunately, times are a changing, the wind blows a different message in our glossy world.

Family has been replaced by artificial emotion designed to comfort, reassure your place, your destiny. Once a time ago, we used each other for this purpose—no longer. Even at the earliest of ages we are all alone. We choose plastic over affection, screens over hugs. The need for stimulation is no longer unanimous with humans but a simulation of said humans.

We have limited human contact, human connection, to select days of the year in which we call holidays. How mad is that? Week by week, we push aside our instincts and allow them to splurge only a handful of moments a year.

For this reason is why I look forward to storms. Not just rain and wind but disastrous angry precipitation. Power lines down, cell phones disconnected. Not long ago, we experienced such “tragedy” as I embraced everything brought forward. Needless to say human loss is not a part of my desire for such storms.

We lost power for two weeks—what a time I had. Unforeseen, not printed on the calendar that hands on my wall, we were forced into a holiday. Stimulation and Infiltration of virtual communications—none existent. Family and Unity warmed my heart—while freezing others.

You see when things like this happen, we are forced to see people’s true colors. Similar to Holidays—seen by those who regret Christmas time or Christmas tunes—people either embrace the change or despise it. This is the time the heart opens up, is revealed. People show what they really feel of their immediate families—unconsciously but not necessarily.

Throughout the year it is easy to hide or distract our initial instinct held for life and love of our loved ones. It is easy to go to work, fill the day, without showing who you really are. Ironically we find it hard to sit idle with those we claim we love—propose marriage to.

When the lights went out, my heart lit up. Day by day, I spent the most intimate moments—the most REAL moments with my family. It was true bliss. What better depiction of heaven could there be? For others—what better depiction of hell?

I do not declare myself smart—not even wise—just not distracted. Others are programmed oppositely. They see a distracted man with no connection to the current trend, current hype. I pity them—they pity me. Mindsets in this world are like windshields in a blistering wintry storm. Media and technology are the snow, constantly punishing and hiding the glass. I choose to keep my wipers on full blast, an almost ease less notion on my part. Others are unaware the wipers are even there allowing the glass to be frosted, glossed over, forever hiding the road ahead.