View Full Version : strattera wasn't a good option for me

11-12-13, 03:14 PM
:eek:My Dr. assured me that Straterra was not like some of the other ADHD medications in the news with class action suits and horrendous side effects like breasts on boys etc. Boy was she wrong, or uninformed or on someone else's payroll-- probably just too lazy to look up side effect information in between comparing mortgages on competing properties. (Do I should jaded and sarcastic- you bet and you would too if you went through why I've been through!)

Thanks for everyone posting on this forum. Without your information and opinions, I would have ended up in the emergency room because of not being able to pee and freaking out about it. The Dr's advice on sticking to it and waiting for the side effects to subside were very misguided and cold. She said the problem with urination was due to something else and not a side effect of Straterra. This forum was useful in helping me know that I am not just crazy but was truly experiencing side effects. Besides losing the ability to pee, which I managed by drinking copious amouts of tea and sitting for extended periods of time on the john, waiting and ignoring the discomfort, I also was disturbed by not being able to finish in sex, (after extreme efforts) and by my testicles becoming enlarged. I took magnesium and Saw Palmeto and Pygeum and pumpkin seeds to help it out more naturally.

Besides the side effects, the major effect of Straterra for me was to put me in a daze where I just sat on the couch for several days in a row, thinking about what I needed to get done and looking at my watch and not moving. That was the opposite of what I had hoped for from the drug.

I was started on 24 mg and was to move up to 40 mg in a couple of weeks, but after 2 weeks, I discontinued Straterra, which, in addition to being ineffectual and dangerous is also expensive. Yikes.

After 5 days, I am finally getting back to normal and the ability to pee is returning. My heart rate which normally goes from 90 bpm on a treadmill to 145 bpm, after 2 miles, went up to the range of 110 pbm to 167 bpm during straterra dosing, and is most of the way back down now.

I count myself lucky because I had the good sense to stop before something worse happened.

Regular ADHD, without mediation or medication, is way preferable to experimenting with horrendous pharmaceuticals!. Hope your experience is less of a problem and hope that you switch to something safer sooner than I did.