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07-29-03, 09:18 AM
If you can get hold of a crock pot (slow cooker) it's great coz you can put the stuff in, in the morning and it's done by dinner.

Apricot Chicken

For 4 people (approx)

400-500g chicken breasts

French onion packet soup mix (in OZ the brand is continental - don't know about USA)

1 can apricot nectar

As many mushrooms as you want

In the pot, coat the chicken in the soup mix, pour the apricot nectar over the top, the put the mushrooms on top.

Set on low or auto and leave for to cook for anywhere between 5 and 10 hours.

Another one....

500g boneless beef or mutton
8 potatoes
4 carrots
4 sticks celery
1 tablespoon barley
Basil and Oregano
Big can of crushed tomatoes

Cut and brown meat then stick in the pot.
Add can of tomatoes and pepper to taste.
Add barley
Add peeled and chopped potatoes
Add peeled and chopped carrots
Add chopped celery
sprinkle with basil and oregano
Add about 1 cup water

Cook on low or auto for anywhere between 6-10 hours

09-27-03, 10:22 PM
Here in the states it's either "Liptons or Campbells" of course we have generic brands as well. And I'm sure Knor has one also.

This sounds lovely..and yes I'm a slow cooker queen.. hee hee :D