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11-26-13, 10:49 AM
Heya all, my woman and i have been together since February and she told me when we met that she suffers from depression and takes medication for it. Well this year alone she has had 5 episodes where she becomes incoherent and sleeps for 2-3 days. She doesnt eat and cant do the simplest things. To give an idea of her behavior: I gave her a hersheys kissess during one of her episodes and she ate the chocolate without removing the wrapper.

I am very keen to her episodes and can pinpoint when she will go under. She starts to display a daydreaming look on her face and laughs at minor things like a wobbly wheel on a shopping cart. Then she lapses into sleep all day and will simply not move. She also has a tendency to take all her clothes off. These episodes have been occurring more frequently now, about once a month. Before, it was about once every few months.

Im going to a psychiatrist with her since she wont be able to tell him the things ive seen because she cant remember any of it. However he wont be able to see her until December, and im worried about her. She has regained her consciousness and was able to drive me to work this morning but i was worried about some peculiar things she said. She told me this morning that she wonders if she has a parasite that is releasing toxins that make her have these episodes. I felt that she might be losing her mind and i may need to take her somewhere for an emergency. I really dont want to because these doctors operate the same way as "baker acting" someone when they see mental issues, and i dont want her to go through that pain.

if anyone can give me some information, id like to belive its severe depression and not some permanent mentall illness that will get worse.

p.s Her father says she has no history of mental illness or any mental problems. Her mother passed away in June of this year.

11-26-13, 11:43 AM
Do you think the part about a toxic parasite was something she really believed, like a hallucination - or do you think she was just throwing ideas around trying to come up with a reason for the difficulties?

The increasing frequency could be some kind of depressive problem getting worse, but could also be something like a brain tumor getting larger or something like that. I'm not sure about waiting - but December is actually only a few days away, depending on the exact dates the psychiatrist has available...

11-26-13, 12:10 PM
Those symptoms do not sound like depression to me. The daydreamy look, inappropriate laughter, taking off clothing, followed by exhaustion and amnesia of the events remind me of how seizure disorders can sometimes appear. It sounds more neurological than psychiatric from your description, especially if she is not behaving in any bizarre ways outside of these episodes. I would take her to a regular MD for an informed opinion on whether psych or neuro is more appropriate and a referral if necessary, or just go ahead and arrange consultations with both if that speeds things up. Going into the holidays it gets diificult to get appointments, which is why I wouldn't wait to see what the psychiatrist says before at least getting the next option lined up.

11-26-13, 12:11 PM
What is this about? Effective treatment... understanding will help you... it will come in time...

When people are in the grips of severe mental illness/incoherant behavior they really require hospitalisation/intensive treatment.

If you wanna do the best thing for you and her find the 3 nearest psychiatric care centres and phone them and ask about admission. Try find a "quiet" observer (sibling) or old friend (close) of hers and ask about previous treatment ( Doctors names )... write down the names and dosages of any medication she is taking in the house ( or ask her if she's coherant ).... Providing these to the medical staff will help them...

Bare minimum she needs some medication re-evaluation and/or some scans + blood tests.

I hope you guys get the support you need.

11-26-13, 12:18 PM
I'm inclined to go with purpleToes on the idea that maybe this is not psychological, and that psychiatric observation might be less important than medical examination and advice, followed by psychiatric later if indicated.