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11-27-13, 03:35 PM
Hi! I'm 22 and after dealing with about 7 years of a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder i have finally jumped through all the hoops and received an ADHD diagnosis. This. comforted me until i realized my doctor was going to put me through more bologna. :( He took me off my trazadone and klonopin (which were helping - i have insomnia and anxiety diagnoses too) and put me on gabapentin - a dose too low to help, 100 mg 3x a day, celexa 40mg a day, and just started strattera. the strattera is helping, because I'm too constantly angry and in too much stomach pain and / or sleeping to do anything or have any racing thoughts. oh, i have an incurable migraine now, too. He also told me strattera is the most effective treatment which a simple google search will.disprove. I'm paying HIM, so why won't he help? I'm in a state of urgency - my adhd has already caused me to quit high school and college twice, never had a job because I'm too terrified, haven't read a book or watched an entire movie in years, etc etc i could go on but I'm sure you all know. I'm in a stimulant problem area (southern missouri) so i don't know how that affects anything. what do i do or say next to him?

11-28-13, 01:33 AM
Strattera is very effective for some people - there was a person on here the other day, who had been taking a stimulant for ADHD for a long time and recently switched, saying Strattera was perfect for him and he wished he had got off the stimulant long ago - but for others it doesn't work. Whatever is happening - good, bad, side effects, problems with work, etc - write it all down in a notebook. Next appointment, take your notes with you. If you are having bad side effects and they don't go away in a few days, then you might try to get an earlier appointment to get the problems sorted out.

Some doctors, especially in an area where stimulants on the street is a problem, will have a policy of always trying Strattera or other non-stimulant first, because if it works, then that's one less problem to deal with.