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11-28-13, 02:02 PM
I'm a newbie! I wanted to lurk a little around this forum and see what I can find out...but I thought I'd just say hello first :)

I don't know if I have ADD/ADHD, but I have had panic attacks on and off since I was 18 (I'm 24 now) and anxiety and such. I go to counseling but I have never had the guts to bring it up to my therapist. But all of my close friends except my boyfriend have ADD/ADHD (weird?), and they have brought up to me, separately from each other, that maybe I have it too. My half brother has ADHD/OCD and my mom has at least OCD, so it seems like it wouldn't be crazy for me to have it.

Anywaays...anxiety and panic suck and I'm wondering if maybe it's partially from ADD/ADHD, so that's why I'm looking around here.

Ladies! I'm wondering, when were you diagnosed? What led up to your diagnosis? I feel like when I was a student in public school people didn't think about ADHD much in girls. I mean, for both of my brothers (my half brother and my whole brother), their teachers at the very least entertained the idea that maybe they had ADHD. I was struggling in school too, not as badly but definitely struggling, but no one seemed to really think...I don't know, that my troubles were anything to be concerned about I guess. I just was unorganized and needed to get organized. And maybe that's true! (Am still unorganized though.) I'm a teacher now so, I guess it's something I think about.

11-28-13, 05:03 PM
Welcome!! It's harder for girls to get diagnosed than boys an I suspect that it always will be. I was a teacher for a while and shocked that I was so woefully ill informed about all of it and how many students I didn't help!

I was diagnosed when I went back to school for nursing and hit the wall with depression/anxiety/ADD-Inattentive and eventually failed out. I had previously dealt with depression after a bad break up but the other two were new diagnoses.

It is well-worth looking into if you may have it since it's been mentioned and in your family.

Good luck!

11-29-13, 11:54 AM
Thanks for your reply finallyfound!

When you were a teacher did you have to help assess kids for ADD? How long did you teach for?

I'm a music teacher so I see all the kids in my school. There was a 4th grade teacher who was doing an ADHD assessment for a boy and wanted me to fill out a form about him since I also had him and I really wanted to help out. She gave me the paper work and told me I needed to get it back to her ASAP...Ironically, I lost the form not once but twice and ended up feeling fairly ashamed of myself and did not want to have to ask for a third copy. Finally she just had me come to her classroom and fill it out in front of her after school haha (which also made me late for an appointment.)

I am good friends with the Spanish teacher across the hall from me (another ADDer), she is my piano accompanist for after-school choir, and one of my boys in 6th grade (who has ADHD) says we are his favorite teachers, hahaha. I think I was the first music teacher he had who didn't embarrass him for being hyper - one of the old teachers would make him stand, go up to the clock, and watch it tick, in front of the class when he got in trouble and he said he had to do that every time he came to music. Maybe not the most appropriate punishment for a kid with ADHD... He has been really hyper this year so the Spanish teacher and I told him that if he has good days in class with us (not distracting other students) then he can come and have lunch with us and bring a friend. :) He was really excited about that. You know, something I find, some of my boys with ADHD get excited and call out a lot and I can tell they beat themselves up about it. I don't know if they know but I love them so much!! I hate seeing them feel bad. I much prefer to have excited students than a classroom that's dead silent. But it's hard to have a class with 20 to 30 kids and students calling out because then I don't get to hear from the kids who are more shy....

11-29-13, 06:32 PM
Hi willow,

I taught for about 10 years and had to do a few of those assessment forms for an MD or Psychologist- always for boys though!! I LOL'd about you losing the form 2x!! I lost other important stuff just not those!

I think that it's great that you and the Spanish teacher are helping that student!! Clearly, you both "get him" and it's helping see that not all teachers are awful like the old one who made him watch the clock. I didn't think that kind of stuff went on anymore. I quit teaching kids in 2005 and thought things improved more than they did!

Excited students are the best! It's the noise level and "perceived" unmanaged classroom that ensues that is not so great! The shy ones or ones who deal with anxiety or even the ADHD- Inattentive ones can get lost among the hyperactive or boisterous students. It's so tough to manage all of their differences!

12-02-13, 08:19 PM
I'm going to see how our little deal with that student goes tomorrow! I hope it goes well :) Looking forward to having his class anyways, I enjoy that group.

Did not get enough sleep last night. Spacey times like 50 right now. Writing emails to parents takes forever when I'm like this.
Also, lol, funny story, my boyfriend was talking to me about a possible trip for us to take in January and I got up and walked away when he was in the middle of a sentence. I had no idea I did that until I came back and he pointed it out. Luckily he just seemed amused instead of offended. (I luuuufff him)

anyways, I still would be curious to hear how/at what age? people got diagnosed/what their journeys were like....

12-13-13, 08:57 PM
Hi, I'm a newbie here myself! :) I procrastinated/lurked for a long time time before joining the forums here, lol. Have you read Sari Solden's book on w/ ADHD? It's a really great resource, if you haven't checked it out- the best book I've read on the topic as a whole, to date.

I was 33 when I got diagnosed ADD-Inattentive, no hyperactive component. My family doctor suspected it. He's been my doc since I was 16, and is just a great physician. As a female without the hyper component, my problems were written off as imaginary or hormonal in nature by other doctors. My family doc & I did try the SSRI and/or benzo path to try and resolve my constant blues, anxiety, lack of* no avail. They just slowed my thinking down. Those medicines never helped it. I got to the point where I just believed I must be a lazy person always looking for shortcuts, that if I just worked harder, I'd feel fine and I'd be successful. That wasn't a great strategy, since I was already exhausted trying to keep up as it was. Teachers said I was very bright but most said I was undisciplined. Then employers said it, come adulthood. Enough people say it, you'll believe it's the truth. Like you, no one ever thought girls had ADD in my day. Actually, even boys really weren't treated in my era as a kid. It was considered a discipline/parenting problem for these boys that "acted out". Daydreamers like me, who never caused any problems, certainly were never thought of as having behavioral problems. Well, until puberty, anyway! Then we were just moody! Glad that era is coming to a close for girls everywhere. I hope younger women than me never have to face these uphill battles and all the emotional baggage which comes with them.

12-13-13, 10:03 PM
Hi Willow,

I'm 42, diagnosed ADHD-Inattentive this past July.

I have severe social anxiety & have suffered from panic attacks since the 3rd grade. I was diagnosed with depression at 16, but I always knew it was because of the anxiety & not just depression.

I was finally diagnosed with social anxiety at 23, I've been medicated on & off with SSRIs, but never did too much therapy.

My ADHD DX came about because of my mother's therapy. 2 yrs ago, she was hospitalized with depression, & while the hospitalization was a waste of time, it turned out that the psychiatrist & psychologist her insurance would pay for are highly experienced with ADHD.

She was diagnosed & her psychologist kept telling me I had it too. I finally agreed to an evaluation & definitely moderate to severe Inattentive. I had never considered it, didn't really know what it was & I've never been hyperactive. I started taking Adderall, read a couple books, & found this forum.

My anxiety has gotten to the point that I don't really work. I teach knitting & crochet a couple of days a week at the local community college & I'm in the process of applying for disability so I can pay for meds & treatment myself.

I live with my parents. My mother has a heart condition & diabetes so I'm basically her care-taker & they support me right now.

I'm still trying to process how the ADHD has affected my life, & I believe contributed to my anxiety. I'm hoping once I come to terms with it, I can finally start to have the life I want.

Wow, didn't mean to write my memoirs! :umm1:

2 of my 3 best girlfriends have ADHD & the 3rd is married to an ADHDer. They all said "DUH!" when I told them about my diagnosis. :giggle:

If you have a therapist or psychiatrist treating your anxiety, talk to them about ADHD. Anxiety is a common co-morbid & I think mine might actually be because of it.


12-14-13, 08:45 AM
Hello :)
I'm Pingu and I'm 21 years Swedish girl.
I don't have a formal diagnosis yet, but am referred for assessment (due to inefficacy in the system, the waiting time for assessment for ADHD/autism spectrum disorders is 1-3 years in most parts of the country).

1. It was 6 months ago when my family and the psychiatry realised something was really wrong with me - not just depressive traits.

2. I was very depressed and ended up at emergency psychiatry because I didn't want to live as the miserable, lazy person I am anymore, which made people realise how I struggle in my daily life.

I had been in contact with psychiatric services since I was 18 due to anxiety and depression, but no one picked my ADHD traits because I was really good in school, even though I was really messy. I have problems making friends, which was interpreted as autistic traits, but the problem is not really in understanding people, but rather that I scare them away by being hyper :(

After I had been to the psychiatric ward, my daily life problems were taken much more seriously, and I was lucky enough to get a psychiatrist who really listened to them.

I was referred for assessment, but as the waiting time currently is 2 years, my psychiatrist said that I have very strong ADHD traits and can basically treat myself like I have it, and try to read and improve as much as I can on my own until I get a formal assessment.