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11-29-13, 04:40 PM
Hello all,

I am a journalist working on a feature article for a major international science magazine. The article is about the long-term effects of stimulant medications on the school performance and achievement of kids with ADHD.

The bulk of the article will deal with scientific studies, but I am also interested in hearing from individuals or parents who can share stories about ADHD medication and performance in school. My focus is on children, or at least, people who started stimulant medication as children.

Did your child take ADHD medication in the hope that it would help him or her to do better in school? Did it? What were your expectations for what kind of change medication would make? Where did those expectations come from (doctors, other parents, messaging in ads)? Were the expectations met or not?

I am interested in positive and negative stories—whatever you have. Please feel free to forward this call on to friends and acquaintances if you like.

Drop me a message here, or email me directly at Tell me a little bit about yourself, and we may set up a time to talk a little on the phone. I'm live in the SF Bay Area so if you're local there, we might even be able to meet in person.

Thank you, and thanks to the Andrew the ADD Forums administrator for allowing me to post this request here.

-Katherine Sharpe

02-03-14, 06:56 AM
Google this woman's name, go to her website, and go to her articles section.

She says she's interested in positive and negative stories. I'm skeptical of that.

This woman is generic anti-drug journalist #1,356,084.

02-03-14, 10:43 AM
Agree with Dopes!

And she's a harsh language edited(sarek) writer that doesn't even bother to inform herself over the conditions she is writing about.

Considering I've suffered from depression and I wasn't treated, I (mod edit) am very displeased(/mod edit) with her and others who suggest that medication isn't good or necessary.

02-06-14, 02:52 AM
Mod note: Lets keep things polite. Its ok to disagree but lets do so considering that this is a support forum.