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12-05-13, 05:05 PM
Hi - It's been a while since I've posted. I'm on a small dose of Adderall IR daily 20-25 mgs. It's helped immensely. The meds plus the combination of therapy and exercise has really made me more "real" and much more happier. Recently my psych dr. moved to a new city and was replaced by an older dr. in her practice. (He is the only psych dr. now in the practice). This is an established and well known psych practice in our area. When I went for my med checkup (which I do every 3 mos), without warning he decided to switch me to Trofanil - a tricyclic antidepressant. He did say that he was trying to get away from Adderall due to health dept pressure. When I realized what it was (after getting home) I immediately called and said no way. I had been on something similar years ago and it was a horrible experience for me. At that point he said why don't we just stop your meds altogether and see if therapy alone works. I'm more then a little bummed. I wasn't expecting anything like this and I have been a good patient. I've never asked for more or screwed up my meds, I show up on time and never complained etc.. I'm more then a little depressed partly because I finally felt positive about stuff with this combination. Has this happened to anyone here and how do you deal? My therapist plans to call him but in the meantime I'm out of meds and feeling very anxious.

12-06-13, 05:43 AM
You need to make an appt and ask him why he feels it necessary to second guess what your previous doctor did and change meds that work for you. Ask him why he is against a treatment option that is the overall gold standard. Ask him for his medical license number so you can report him to the board and look for a new doctor. Once you find one, tell him to f**k off.

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12-06-13, 05:46 AM
You ask "Has this happened to anyone here and how do you deal?" I will tell you right now DROP YOUR DOCTOR. Stopping a medication when it was proven to be helpful, & replacing it with something that isn't good for you that they SHOULD have on record is a serious sign to drop that doctor.

Also you say "he was trying to get away from Adderall due to health dept pressure." HA He has set himself up for failure in this one! Report his actions to the board do as Sarah said and ask for his Medical License number and report him. What he has done is unethical, Wrong, and harmful

Doctors who are pressured and don't have YOUR best interests in mind should always be dropped. Remember you go there to receive help & you Pay them for it, leaving feeling uneasy and depressed is a surefire sign that they don't have your best interests in mind.

Finding new doctors now a days is pretty easy with Google. :)

12-06-13, 06:48 AM
How long total time have you been on the medicine?

Really though? I would immediately call another practice, even if it's 30-45 mins away. Call them and set up an appointment and tell them what happened. Have him transfer your records and be done! I would take the drive every three months to get my prescriptions that centered my life!

Here in the city there are offices everywhere, but back in my home town it was common for me to have to drive sometimes and hour to see specific doctors or practices! It's not that bad!

Just don't see him anymore, so it is apparent that this is why you are upset and don't want to go there anymore. You're next practice will see it clearly, and know that you're really unhappy and serious.