View Full Version : ADHD & menopause, estrogen connection?

12-09-13, 02:02 PM
Hello Everyone.
I thought I read something somewhere (right? haven't we all done that or said that) about the connection between dropping estrogen levels and ADHD. I take Adderall and am now being treated for early menopause, which started at 35. Around the start of the menopause I noticed I didn't feel like my Adderall was as effective, now it feels useless to take it.

Curious if anyone has added supplements to aid the symptoms of ADHD, if so what?
Also, did you have to change your prescription and how did you convince your doctor that you weren't just looking for a higher dose?
Any information, articles or ideas are appreciated.


12-14-13, 10:16 PM
Our hormones can effect meds for sure. I would ask the doc who prescribes the Adderall and/or your the doc treating the early menopause. I would think that your docs know you fairly well so they won't think that you are being dishonest

I never tried supplements but there are those who swear by them so I think that there is validity to it.

12-23-13, 03:23 PM
I never really thought I was ADD before perimenopause started. I started seeing a psych because my primary wouldn't up my dosage of celexa, which I talked her into prescribing me something to try dealing with my aggression and anxiety, in particular around my period. I have been telling my docs that I thought I was entering perimenopause for years, but kept getting told I was too young. I was mid 30's. Now that I am over 40, and the symptoms have become very obvious, they don't tell me I am too young. Anyway, I thought I deal with all my little quirks just fine before, never really thought they were anything more than just quirks. Since my hormones have gone wacky, I can't deal with things anymore. My forgetfulness is too much, i am more easily distracted, I was stuttering like crazy when I tried to talk to people, and could give a crap less about most daily routines. My psych increased my Celexa, and added Xanax for the times when everyday med wasn't cutting it (around my period). She also decided after a few months of me seeing her, that I am ADD. She put me on Adderall. For me, combined with the Celexa (changed to Lexapro not too long ago) and occasional Xanax, it works great. Till now, I have to travel to Japan for work and ADderall is banned in Japan, so I am trying to transition off Adderall under my psych supervision, of course. I am not happy that she is trying to switch me over to wellbutrin though. I have concerns about taking another anti-depressant along with the one I am already taking daily. Not to mention, Wellbutrin just has a bad sound in my head. Yes, I did tell my psych about my concerns. Will see how it goes for a couple more days, if I am still getting sleepy when I shouldn't be after Christmas, I am calling her back.