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12-09-13, 04:47 PM
So, a different type of game...(hehehe)

Maybe this'll help us better understand the types a bit....

INTJs are likely to extensively plot to rule the world.

This is just for fun. Please do not get offended. :)

12-09-13, 05:03 PM
ESFP's are most likely to be [not nice things]

12-09-13, 05:47 PM

Initial Attraction to Someone and/or Approach or Lack Thereof Styles

ENFP- I'm going to woo her with my metaphors, charm, wit, and artistic abilities. She's so beautiful.... *one week later* hmm, I think she isn't complex enough for me. There are many beautiful woman in the world though, one will be my perfect match and soul mate. Searching searching picky picky

ESFP- He is so hot I'm gonna go get a closer look at his muscles.

ISFP- *giggles and blushes when he looks at her* *goes off and talks with her best friend about how hot he was...what celebrity he reminded her of etc...*

ESTP- She's so fun. *girl falls in love with him* Nah, I'm bored/not interested anymore/oooo sports are on!

ISTP- *flirts with girls at his car mechanic shop*

ENTP- Ooooo *struts over* *begins to make her laugh with witty, science or politic related jokes* * * * * Gets first date, and second, and third....

INFP- Oh my goodness he's so cute. He's so dreamy and so warm and I ... Wanna go look at the stars with him and write poetry and....I wonder if he likes Nicholas Sparks books...

INTP- Attractive physically, her facial symmetry is almost perfect, nice smile, I score her 9.3827387429937 out of 10.

ENTJ- He is definitely witty and intelligent. And a PH'd? Perfect.

INTJ- She is almost as skilled as me...perhaps she has a chance.

ENFJ- *begins chatting with him, and changes way of speaking and conversation style to match his, like a chameleon*

INFJ- I'm going to be her knight in shining armor. I know she's hurting underneath and needs comfort. I think I'm going to marry her. But I'm too scared to talk to her....:(

ESFJ-She is hot!!!! *immediately walks over and begins flirting, exhibiting charisma and lots of unintelligent joking* *she walks away* -another random girl enters- *He bounces over and begins flirting and uses the same jokes and pick-up lines as with last girl* -another random girl enters...etc...etc...

ESTJ- Gonna invite her to the employee dinner tonight...she totally digs me.

ISFJ- He is so cute, I love his outfit too...I wonder if he likes mine. I wonder if I should go and ask him about the weather....*smiles, walks over, begins talking about the weather - BINGO.*

ISTJ- Based on my calculations and observations, she likely has a crush on me or that other guy. Hmm. I wonder if she is interested in meteorology....
*becomes disappointed when girl reveals to be unorganized, overly moody, and always speaks in metaphors and other nonsensical things, and can't play chess*

12-09-13, 06:05 PM
INTPs- are most likely to offend people without meaning to.

ISFJs- are most likely to have a perfectly neat room

INFPs- are most likely to be philosophical

ISTJs - are likely good at math

ISFJs- are most likely to get used as a doormat

INFJs- are most likely to be show offs

INFJs- are usually more fit than the other types

ESFPs- Have a tendency to want to be center of attention.

12-09-13, 06:06 PM
I wonder which MBTI types are most likely to ignore this thread, thus skewing the results. :)

12-09-13, 06:09 PM
Probably the SJ types.

12-09-13, 06:27 PM
INTPs- are most likely to offend people without meaning to.

Pardon me?

12-09-13, 06:32 PM
INFJs- are likely not to comment on this thread, because it makes them slightly uncomfortable.

ESFJs- are most likely the perfect example of an NT.

INFPs- most likely to get their feelings hurt, but are very good at hiding it.

ISFJs most likely very skilled with decorating, gardening, interior design etc...

INTPs- are most likely more "feely" deep down than they appear...but often don't pay attention to those feelings because they are flimsy, and illogical of course.

ISFPs- are most likely the friendliest type

12-09-13, 06:40 PM
INTPs- are likely to correct mistakes on this thread.

INTPs- are often more liked than they know

INTPs- often scan for flaws in others

ENTPs- often scan for positive attributes in others

ENFPs- often fall for a woman fast

INFPs- know you better than you think they know you

ENTPs- are often cocky

12-09-13, 06:42 PM
Pardon me?

Lol, it's often true though

12-09-13, 06:43 PM
*this INFP is likely bored*

12-09-13, 06:50 PM
I can’t think of one...intovert, extrovert, sensing, thinking, feeling, judging, perceiving...

12-09-13, 06:54 PM
I canít think of one...intovert, extrovert, sensing, thinking, feeling, judging, perceiving...


12-09-13, 06:59 PM
INFJ - I hope he’ll be my knight in shining armor and that he’s not too shy to approach me.

12-09-13, 07:02 PM
INFJ - I hope heíll be my knight in shining armor and that heís not too shy to approach me.

Sometimes you have to make the first move with them.

Well, often.


12-09-13, 07:10 PM
ENFJs- are likely easy to talk to

ENTJs - make superior leaders

INTPs- are some of the most fun/funniest people to be around

ESTPs- often comedic and popular

INFPs- often are playful

INFJs- often very hard workers

12-09-13, 07:18 PM
INFPs - don't usually make large lists like this

ISTPs often cold on outside, warm on inside

INTPs- need more space than most types, let them do their thing

INFJs- are often skilled at lying (not that they do it often)

12-09-13, 08:18 PM
Pardon me?

Although, you are actually really nice.

You don't offend me much, very rarely.

You're a bit different than most NT INTP....

Sorry if *I* offended you, or anything :)

12-09-13, 09:24 PM
Wow, I went...woooooo on this thread

Served as a distraction though. So that's good.